iPhone 16 Prototype Revealed, Silent Switch Dropped for Function Button

The iPhone 16 Prototype Revealed

The prototype of the iPhone 16 has been unveiled, and indeed, it has done away with the silent switch lever in favor of a function button. Additionally, it has added a physical camera button. Oh, there are quite a few new things. I wonder if people prefer the switch lever or the function button. Personally, I feel that the switch lever is better for blind operation. Just a touch and you know the current status. If adjustments are needed, they can be done quickly. However, if Apple eliminates it, then it seems there won’t be any devices featuring the switch lever. Speaking of which, the three-stage physical silent switch on the OnePlus Ace3V is quite similar. Do you think Apple phasing out the silent switch lever is a good or bad move?

Prototype Image 1
Prototype Image 2

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