iPhone 16 Case Leak: Vertical Dual Cam, New Shutter Button

iPhone 16 Series Rumors: Leaked Photos of Phone Cases

iPhone 16 case leak

While the release of the iPhone 16 series is still a while away, there is an increasing amount of information circulating about it. Recently, leaked photos of iPhone 16 phone cases have surfaced online.

From the images, it can be seen that the rear cameras of the iPhone 16 are arranged vertically, in line with previous leaks. According to these leaks, the standard version of the iPhone 16 will feature a rear module with an “oval” design, with the microphone located next to the camera unit and the flash placed outside the raised area.

The leaked information suggests that the vertical arrangement of the rear module in the standard version of the iPhone 16 is to support spatial video recording capabilities.

Leaked iPhone 16 case

Moreover, recent reports indicate that this year’s iPhone 16 Pro series will feature a more “smooth and glossy” mid-frame, making the titanium metal resemble stainless steel. This upgrade not only enhances the grip feel but also improves its scratch and drop resistance.

Leaked iPhone 16 case

The “shutter button” of the iPhone 16 series has also been leaked multiple times. Positioned below the power button, it is said that a light press captures photos, a heavy press records videos, and sliding left and right enables zoom functionality.

Of course, all the information above is based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt. For accurate details, it’s best to rely on official announcements.

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