Samsung May Launch Budget-Friendly Foldable in Q4

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On April 1st, it was reported that Samsung’s latest foldable phone is expected to be released as early as the third quarter and there are plans to launch the first budget-friendly foldable phone priced below $1000 in the fourth quarter, estimated at just $800, making it the most affordable foldable phone on the market.

Samsung Budget-Friendly Foldable

Supply chain sources revealed that the budget foldable phone, named Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE, will feature standard camera specifications like the regular version but will not support stylus pen functionality. The body will be thinner and lighter than the standard version, with an initial estimated shipment quantity of around 200,000 to 300,000 units. Additional orders will depend on market response.

Additionally, according to Galaxy Club, besides the more affordable model, Samsung is also planning to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra version. The standard model of the Galaxy Z Fold6 is identified as SM-F956, while the Ultra version is SM-F958. Samsung typically uses “8” as the ending digit for its Ultra series product models.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra

However, the outlook for the launch of this high-end model is not optimistic. So far, only one model of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra version with the model number SM-F958N has been found, and the letter “N” typically indicates that this model is exclusive to the Korean market. Unless more models are introduced, the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra version may be limited to the Korean market. In terms of specifications, the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra version will come with the S Pen stylus as standard and may feature a built-in slot for storage. Additionally, this model might incorporate some design elements from the Galaxy S24 Ultra, such as the square-edged frame design.

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