Morning Brief: OPPO Launches Apr 12, New iPad Date Leaked

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On April 8th, OPPO officially announced the release date of its new device, OPPO A3 Pro. According to the related promotional page, this new device will be officially unveiled on April 12th at 14:30 in the afternoon. Besides the new device, there have been recent leaks regarding Apple’s new tablet. It has been reported that the new iPad mini and the entry-level iPad are expected to be launched by the end of the year.

OPPO A3 Pro Set to Launch on April 12th with Design Resembling realme 12 Pro

On April 8th, OPPO officially announced the release date of its new device, OPPO A3 Pro, scheduled for April 12th at 14:30 in the afternoon. Prior to this announcement, CAD renderings of the phone had already been leaked, revealing its design details. Now, OPPO has released the first teaser video showcasing the phone’s design and the upcoming color options.


The OPPO A3 Pro is touted as “super waterproof,” “super shockproof,” and “super durable,” suggesting that we will see a more robust mid-range model. Another screenshot indicates that the OPPO A3 Pro will be available in three colors: green, blue, and pink. The specific names of these colors have not been disclosed yet, but its back design bears a striking resemblance to the recently launched realme 12 Pro series.

Morning Brief Commentary: Another Mid-range New Device Is Coming

Gurman Predicts: New iPad Mini and Entry-level iPad to Be Released by the End of the Year

In recent times, there have been numerous mentions of possible release dates for new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. However, some budget-conscious Apple consumers are still eager to know when the cheaper next-generation iPad mini and the new entry-level iPad will be released.

New iPad Predictions

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg mentioned in the latest edition of the Power On newsletter that the new iPad mini and entry-level iPad models might be released as early as the end of 2024.

“The company is also working on new versions of the entry-level iPad and iPad mini, but these products won’t be launched until the end of this year at the earliest,” he said. “Starting from 2022, the new lower-end iPad might eventually become a cost-reduced version of the 10th generation model, while the iPad mini updates will only include processor upgrades.”

Morning Brief Commentary: Looks Like We’ll Have to Wait Another Half a Year

Brand New Huawei Space Watch Begins Pre-sale on April 8th. P70 Series to Be Released Simultaneously?

Huawei is set to begin pre-sale for a series of new products on April 8th, including the Huawei WATCH 4 Pro Space Exploration, Huawei WATCH GT 4 in green, and Huawei Band 9.

Huawei New Products

It is understood that Huawei’s new product launch this time adopts a completely new strategy, with live product introductions scheduled every evening at 7:00 p.m. for the next 5 days. This innovative marketing approach seems to be a first in the industry.

The live broadcast on April 8th will focus on wearable products, with the Huawei WATCH 4 Pro Space Exploration and other new products making their debut. This smartwatch, themed around space exploration, and the Huawei Band 9, as a health smart band, will provide users with a more convenient health management experience.

Subsequent live broadcasts (from the 9th to the 12th) will cover new products in categories such as home (smart screens, door locks, home storage), audio (lipstick earphones, etc.), automobiles, and PCs. Among them, April 11th is of particular significance, as Huawei will host the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference, during which it will release related products for cars and PCs, marking a potential full-scale arrival of HarmonyOS.

Morning Brief Commentary: Huawei always manages to bring something new to the table

BMW X1 Faces Tough Competition! Spy Photos of the New Audi Q3 Exposed, Expected to Debut Before the End of the Year

The Audi Q3, as an important player in the compact SUV market, has been popular among consumers since its launch in Europe in 2011. Following the first-generation Q3 and the second-generation model introduced in 2019, Audi is set to officially launch the third-generation Q3 later this year. Recently, spy photos of the car have been exposed, indicating that this model, competing with the BMW X1, will undergo a complete transformation.

New Audi Q3

The new Audi Q3 draws design elements from the electric version of the Q6. Both feature Audi’s new slender daytime running lights (DRL), composed of multiple LED modules capable of displaying different patterns and information. Additionally, the new Q3 adopts a split-type front headlight design, a design element that Audi has applied to multiple SUV models.

Morning Brief Commentary: Stepping up the game against BMW

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