Price Plunge to $2686, 12GB+256GB+2K Display, Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Flagship

Xiaomi and Meizu: The Success Stories in the Tech Industry

When Xiaomi announced its venture into the automotive industry, many were skeptical. After all, Xiaomi’s reputation in smartphones leaned towards the budget end. Suddenly pivoting to car manufacturing seemed like a probable failure. However, reality proved otherwise. Thanks to the formidable capabilities and personal charm of Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s SU7 not only hit the market but also succeeded. With the launch of SU7, the automotive sector welcomed a new formidable brand. Interestingly, the smartphone industry also witnessed the rise of another powerful brand in recent years: Meizu, following its acquisition by Geely.

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While Meizu entered the smartphone market before Xiaomi, financial constraints and strategic missteps led to its temporary exit. Fortunately, Xiaomi wasn’t the only company to recognize the synergy between smartphones and automobiles. Geely’s visionary approach led to its acquisition of Meizu. Backed by Geely, Meizu underwent a significant transformation and emerged as a highly competitive brand in the smartphone industry. Its devices even surpassed Xiaomi in terms of value for money, exemplified by the Meizu 20 Pro.

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Many felt regret when Meizu briefly exited the smartphone market. Despite not always leading in terms of value for money compared to other brands, Meizu smartphones boasted sleek design and user-friendly systems. Now, with Meizu’s successful comeback, it not only retained its original advantages but also excelled in value for money, surpassing its competitors. The Meizu 20 Pro, representing the first batch of Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship devices, currently boasts the lowest price.

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Initially priced at a relatively high 3999 yuan, the Meizu 20 Pro’s value proposition was evident. While the Xiaomi 13 was also priced at 3999 yuan, it only offered an 8GB+128GB configuration. In contrast, the Meizu flagship directly provided a 12GB+128GB specification, showcasing greater sincerity. Over time, the price gap between them widened, giving the impression that Meizu’s current focus is not solely on profitability but rather on increasing market share.

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The Meizu flagship fully justifies its 3999 yuan price tag. Apart from the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship processor, it boasts LPDDR5X RAM and UFS4.0 storage. The display features an E6-grade high-end 2K ultra-curved screen with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Its rear triple-camera setup includes a 50-megapixel flagship sensor with memory metal optical stabilization and comprehensive EIS video stabilization. For battery life, it’s equipped with a 5000mAh battery, supported by 80W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, surpassing Xiaomi in overall specs.

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Now, the flagship smartphone’s price has dropped even further. The original 12GB+128GB standard version is no longer available. As for the previously priced 4399 yuan 12GB+256GB high-end version, it has plummeted to 2686 yuan. Even the top-tier 12GB+512GB variant is now only 2974 yuan. Such significant price reductions can aptly be described as a “plunge.” While other Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagships may exist in this price range, they fall short in comparison to Meizu in terms of overall configuration. Hence, Meizu smartphones are truly formidable in today’s market.

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