Huawei Ranks 3rd in PCs with New Laptop Featuring Pangu, Leads in Premium TVs

华为 has started a new product release trend in the past few days. Two days ago, they unveiled their smartwatch, Huawei Watch M9, and a smart wristband. Yesterday, they introduced large televisions ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands, as well as a smart door lock priced at 3299. Today, another bombshell product was announced, though it hasn’t been listed on the Huawei Mall yet. This is the Huawei MateBook X Pro laptop, which will be launched at the HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference.

Yu Chengdong also shared this product, describing it as a flagship laptop with new features, combining slim design and high performance. Moreover, it supports the Huawei Pangu large model, enhancing the AI experience. It seems this laptop is positioned as a high-end product, incorporating AI capabilities, further expanding Huawei’s reach with the Pangu large model.


The previous model of the Huawei MateBook X Pro is currently priced at 7999 yuan. With upgrades across all aspects in this new series, the price is expected to increase. Huawei’s approach to product development reflects its brand identity – though relatively new to the laptop market, Huawei’s remarkable performance thus far is pleasantly surprising. Huawei’s commitment to quality and research and development has borne fruit across various sectors.

In 2023, Huawei made a remarkable entry into the top three in the domestic PC market, with shipments reaching 3.986 million units, capturing a 10% market share. This represents an 11% year-on-year growth compared to the previous year. Traditionally, the PC market has been dominated by industry giants such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Huawei’s consistent performance over two years and its entry into the top three in 2023 is indeed impressive.

Continuously innovating is a major characteristic of Huawei products. Features like slim design, high performance, and the addition of AI with the Pangu large model contribute significantly to its competitiveness.


Beyond smartphones and computers, Huawei’s consumer end is flourishing. Yesterday, Huawei Mall also listed its new smart TV products. In the domestic TV market, especially in the high-end segment, Huawei dominates. In the 30,000 yuan price range for high-end TVs, Huawei holds nearly half of the market share, with a commanding 46% share, far ahead of the second-placed Hisense at 21% and Samsung at 20%, and Sony at 12%.


In the 20,000 yuan price range, Huawei topped the charts from October 1st to the end of February last year, with sales reaching around 25,000 units, surpassing other major players like TCL, Hisense, Samsung, and Sony.


Huawei’s product lineup continues to thrive. Whenever Huawei enters a market, many of its product lines manage to lead the industry or at least stand out prominently. Huawei’s research and development investment over the past decade has reached 1.1 trillion yuan, with R&D expenditure in 2023 alone reaching 164.7 billion yuan. With such substantial investment in research and development, Huawei’s R&D patents rank among the world’s best. These achievements are the result of years of research and innovation.

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