iPhone prices drop 10%! Xiaomi may surpass Apple, Huawei catching up, Samsung remains No. 1.

Global Smartphone Market Shows Rebound in Q1 2024, Apple’s iPhone Performance Lags Behind

On April 15th, according to a report released by IDC, the global smartphone market experienced a significant rebound in the first quarter of this year, but Apple’s iPhone performance was dismal.

Data reveals that Apple’s iPhone shipments plummeted by nearly 10% in the first quarter, contrasting sharply with the overall growth of the global smartphone market.

Specifically, global mobile phone shipments increased to 289.4 million units, a growth of about 7.8% compared to the same period last year. Samsung Electronics once again secured the top spot, while Transsion, focusing on the African market, saw a substantial increase in shipments, reaching an impressive growth rate of 85%.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s data in the first quarter also showed signs of rebound, with the gap between it and the second-ranked Apple gradually narrowing, increasing the possibility of overtaking.

According to IDC’s preliminary data, Apple’s iPhone series saw a significant decrease in shipments of about 5 million units compared to the same period last year, mainly due to poor sales in the Chinese market.

For Huawei, they are also catching up by introducing more new models.

Experts believe that “AI Large Model Smartphones” will bring tremendous value to users and smartphone manufacturers. Firstly, against the backdrop of weak consumer motivation to upgrade, AI Large Models will become an important competitive weapon for smartphone manufacturers and a key technical means to improve future sales expectations.

Secondly, AI Large Models are expected to evolve into personalized super assistants for each smartphone user, revolutionizing the user experience of smartphones and all consumer electronics applications.

Q1 2024 Global Smartphone Shipments:

  1. Samsung, 60.1 million units, global market share 20.8%, YoY decrease 0.7%
  2. Apple, 50.1 million units, global market share 17.3%, YoY decrease 9.6%
  3. Xiaomi, 40.8 million units, global market share 14.1%, YoY growth 33.8%
  4. Transsion, 28.5 million units, global market share 9.9%, YoY growth 84.9%
  5. OPPO, 25.2 million units, global market share 8.7%, YoY decrease 8.5%

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