Baidu CEO Launches Wenxin 4.0 & Dev Tools

[Pacific Tech News] Today, at the Create 2024 Baidu AI Developer Conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li announced the release of Wenxin Big Model 4.0 Tool Edition, which includes three development tools: AgentBuilder, AppBuilder, and ModelBuilder. This announcement has sparked widespread attention because Wenxin Big Model has already become a platform with over 200 million users, with its API receiving an average of 200 million calls per day.

During the conference, Robin Li emphasized that compared to a year ago, Wenxin Big Model has achieved a significant improvement in algorithm training efficiency, growing by 5.1 times. Meanwhile, the model’s weekly training efficiency reached as high as 98.8%, with an inference performance leap of 105 times, while the inference cost dropped to just 1% of the original. This progress implies that if clients were making 10,000 calls per day previously, they can now make 1 million calls per day at the same cost.

To assist developers in making more efficient use of Wenxin Big Model, Robin Li also introduced three innovative development tools: AgentBuilder, AppBuilder, and ModelBuilder. These tools not only streamline the development process and improve efficiency but also promote the widespread application of Wenxin Big Model across various industries. Robin Li further pointed out that China boasts 1 billion internet users, a robust foundational big model, diverse AI application scenarios, and the most comprehensive industrial ecosystem globally. In such an environment, everyone has the opportunity to become a developer. Looking ahead, he envisions a future world collectively created by numerous developers.

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