Xiaomi SU7 Value Debated; Lei Jun Speechless: EV Giants’ Losses Ignored, Xiaomi’s Loss for Each Sale

Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 Faces Criticism, Yet Remains Committed

Lei Jun expressed his views on April 19th, stating that in industries where losses prevail, discussing value for money is irrelevant, especially in the case of pure electric vehicles where profitability is minimal.

Emphasizing further, Lei Jun remarked that it’s premature to discuss the success of Xiaomi SU7, which has been in the market for just 20 days.

He revealed that Xiaomi SU7 has garnered widespread attention during its public testing phase, with every detail scrutinized under a magnifying glass, causing him to feel nervous. He believes that genuine success lies not only in ensuring product quality but also in guaranteeing the quality of delivery and service.

Addressing concerns raised by netizens regarding the extended delivery time of Xiaomi SU7, he stated that Xiaomi SU7 ensures immediate delivery upon release and rapid scaling thereafter.

“Our sales have exceeded our expectations by 3-5 times. A week ago, we urgently convened a supplier conference and are now accelerating production.”

Regarding criticism about the perceived lack of value for money with Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun responded by stating that most pure electric car companies operate at a loss, with some even losing hundreds of thousands per vehicle. “In industries where losses are rampant, discussing value for money is futile. Essentially, most pure electric vehicles operate at a loss.”

Earlier, Lei Jun had admitted that Xiaomi SU7 is definitely operating at a loss, with each sale resulting in a loss.

“Originally, our pricing was 229,000 yuan, and the top-end version was priced at 350,000 yuan. However, when other car manufacturers lowered their prices, it caught us off guard. Therefore, we decided to sincerely stick to our commitment. The standard version is priced 30,000 yuan lower than Tesla Model 3, and the Max version is set at 299,000 yuan,” Lei Jun concluded.

Xiaomi SU7 Value Debate: Lei Jun Speechless, EV Giants' Losses Ignored, Xiaomi's Loss for Each Sale

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