Apple Discontinues Fragile New Model

Last week, Apple released an ad titled “Saying Goodbye to Leather,” emphasizing their decision to no longer use leather materials for iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. Instead, they introduced FineWoven material.

Just a few days later, news emerged that FineWoven is also saying goodbye.

According to Apple product whistleblower Kosutami, Apple has halted the production of FineWoven iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands.

The main issue with this material is that since its launch, it has faced criticism from users. The primary concerns include the material being prone to scratches, material peeling off easily during use, and lacking sufficient dirt resistance against stains.

Apple is now using a micro-chevron pattern material that resembles the premium feel of jackets from companies like Patagonia and The North Face. This material is composed of fibers grouped together, each fiber being approximately 150 microns thick. Apple stated that this structure strikes a balance between durability and comfort.

However, due to the multiple fiber composition, FineWoven tends to trap dirt between the fibers. Moreover, if the structure is scratched, the fibers get damaged, leading to visible scratches on the protective shell. Independent material analysis testing conducted by ARS Tinctoria laboratory revealed that leather withstood 51200 cycles of friction with almost no changes in color or material surface, whereas FineWoven showed significant color alterations and surface wear after only 1600 friction cycles.

Many users have shared images of their worn-out FineWoven cases online, showing how the casing looks dreadful after some use. Unlike the previous leather or silicone cases, FineWoven didn’t hold up well.

Currently, on Apple’s Chinese website, the FineWoven protective case and cardholder are priced at 479 RMB. This price is not cheap for a phone case. Apple likely took note of user feedback and decided to discontinue this accessory, focusing on developing new materials.

Although Apple has not officially announced the discontinuation of FineWoven accessories, Kosutami claims that production has already stopped. There are still some stocks available for purchase on the Apple website, but they are expected to sell out soon. It is reported that Apple will substitute FineWoven with a non-leather alternative, and further details might be revealed at the iPhone 16 series launch event later this year.

With FineWoven being discontinued less than a year after its release, it is likely one of Apple’s shortest-lived products to date. For Apple enthusiasts interested in collecting, it might be worth purchasing one before they’re no longer available.

The specific details of the new material Apple will adopt are currently unclear, but it is certain that the new material will address the current shortcomings of FineWoven while being more environmentally friendly.

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