iPhone 16 May Ditch Physical Volume, Power Buttons

According to reports, Moonlight Optoelectronics once again secured a major order from Apple, exclusively obtaining a large order for the System-in-Package (SiP) modules used in the new design for the iPhone 16 series, which will replace the existing physical buttons with capacitive touch buttons on both sides of the phone’s body.

iPhone 16

One of the highlights of this year’s iPhone 16 series is the removal of the physical volume and power buttons on both sides of the device, replaced by capacitive touch buttons. To enhance the user experience, a second Taptic Engine motor will also be added, providing vibration feedback when users press the buttons, achieving the goal of eliminating physical buttons from the exterior of the iPhone.

To remove the longstanding physical buttons such as volume and power keys on the iPhone, Apple requires at least two System-in-Package modules to integrate capacitive buttons and Taptic Engine motors, among other related components. Moonlight Optoelectronics has exclusively secured the large orders for these System-in-Package modules.

In order to meet the demands of Apple’s new design and orders, Moonlight Optoelectronics’ factory in Kaohsiung is ramping up production efforts and is expected to enter the mass production phase starting in the third quarter. (IT Home)

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