Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 Pre-orders Over 70K, Targeting 100K Deliveries in ’23

On April 23rd, Lu Weibing of Xiaomi Group posted on Weibo that Lei Jun announced today at the Xiaomi Investor Conference: as of April 20th, pre-orders for the Xiaomi SU7 have exceeded 70,000 units. Additionally, Lu Weibing mentioned in another Weibo post that Lei Jun also announced a delivery target of over 100,000 units for the Xiaomi SU7 in 2024.



According to the official teaser, Xiaomi’s car launch event at the Beijing Auto Show is scheduled for April 25th (this Thursday) at 09:20 in the morning. The official statement mentions that on Thursday, Lei Jun will discuss with everyone “how the pre-order and delivery performance has been in the first 28 days of listing” and “what new plans Xiaomi SU7 has for 2024”.

Moreover, questions like “How many cars are planned to be delivered this year?” “When will Urban NOA be opened?” and “When will the first phase OTA plan be launched?” – all the concerns of everyone will be addressed at the Beijing Auto Show event.


Source: Read Chuang Finance

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