Xiaomi on SU7 Max Paint Issue

Response from Xiaomi Regarding Paint Issues with SU7 Max

Tonight, a spokesperson from Xiaomi stated that they have noted a user’s video on social media claiming that the bumper of their recently purchased Xiaomi SU7 Max had paint chipping off two days after delivery. After verification, it was found that the content of the user’s video is not entirely accurate.

It has been reported that the user in question is not the first owner of the Xiaomi SU7 Max, nor did they take delivery of the vehicle just two days ago.

The paint chipping issue was caused by the initial owner’s full car color change film application. Subsequently, the user caused the inner side of the bumper to lose paint due to the peeling off of the film, which is not a problem originating from the factory.

Xiaomi’s official statement indicated that the bumpers of Xiaomi SU7 are sprayed with three layers of primer, base coat, and clear coat to ensure consistency with the vehicle’s color.

However, it was emphasized that improper application or removal of film could potentially harm the paintwork. Xiaomi expressed gratitude for everyone’s attention and support and hopes for awareness in this matter.

It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun also announced today the significant number of pre-orders for Xiaomi SU7. As of April 20, the pre-order count has exceeded 70,000 units, and it is anticipated that the total deliveries for the year will surpass 100,000 units.

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