Sneak peek at Apple’s latest releases, something big is on the way!

Apple has officially announced that the first new product launch event of the year will be held on May 7 at 10 p.m. Beijing time.

As expected, this event will mainly introduce the new iPad and accessory products.

If nothing unexpected happens, the official opening of the conference will be about a week away.

Recently, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman brought us the latest information about the Apple event in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter.

It includes both hardware and software aspects, let’s take a look.

M4 iPad Pro

First up is the highly anticipated new iPad Pro.

After experiencing a year without new iPad products in 2023, the new iPad Pro is finally going to meet us.

Sneak Peek

Image Source: tamindir

Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is expected to bring significant performance upgrades to the new iPad Pro, likely featuring the debut of the M4 chip.

This means that the new iPad Pro might skip the M3 series and directly introduce a more powerful M4 chip, surpassing the performance of the MacBook Air released in March this year.

According to Mark Gurman, the M4 chip will include an upgraded neural engine, significantly improving the processing performance of artificial intelligence.

Considering the rumors about Apple’s upcoming foray into the AI field, this is expected to be a key focus of Apple at this event.

Additionally, the new iPad Pro is expected to feature OLED screens for the first time, significantly enhancing display performance while further reducing the thickness of the device.

Together with the simultaneous launch of the iPad Air, this year’s first Apple event promises to be quite exciting.

In short, for those who are planning to get their hands on the new iPad Pro products, they can look forward to the Apple new product launch event next week.

New Apple Pencil

In addition to the new iPad Pro, the popular accessory, Apple Pencil, is also expected to receive an upgrade.

Previously, Apple CEO Cook had hinted at the arrival of the new Apple Pencil by posting a pencil emoji icon on social media.

Image Source: IT Home

Mark Gurman revealed that Apple will unveil a new Apple Pencil at this event, bringing some functional enhancements.

Specifically, the new Apple Pencil will introduce haptic feedback for the first time, further enhancing the user’s sense of reality when using it.

Although Mark Gurman did not mention the specific principles of this feature, Apple is highly likely to equip it with a vibration motor to provide some physical feedback during user interaction.

According to previous leaks, the new Apple Pencil will also have a new “squeeze” gesture, making it easier for users to perform quick operations.

New Changes in iOS 18

Finally, the report also revealed some new changes coming with iOS 18.

Mark Gurman disclosed that besides a series of artificial intelligence-related features, Apple will also optimize some native applications in iOS 18.

This includes apps such as Photos, Mail, Notes, and the Fitness app.

Sneak Peek

Image Source: 9to5mac

At the same time, the iPhone’s home screen settings will undergo changes in iOS 18, allowing users to freely place and arrange app icons on the desktop instead of the original grid alignment.

In conclusion, based on previous rumors, iOS 18 will bring an unprecedented comprehensive update, which is highly anticipated.

That’s all for the recent major information about Apple hardware and software.

Let’s look forward to the Apple new product launch event on May 7 together.

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