Xiaomi spokesperson: Some are deliberately confusing Super Die Casting Systems with punch lines.

IT Home, May 3rd – Xiaomi spokesperson announced yesterday evening: “Today (May 2nd), there were Weibo accounts deliberately confusing the concepts of Xiaomi’s Super Die Casting System and Punch Lines, spreading rumors to smear Xiaomi.”

According to Xiaomi, die casting and punch pressing are two completely different processes. In Xiaomi’s automobile factory, these two processes are even carried out in separate workshops.

Clarifying the matter, Xiaomi’s Super Die Casting 9100t machine was jointly developed by Xiaomi and HaiTian. The die casting machine is just one part of the whole die casting cluster system, which consists of 60 devices and 433 process parameters. Additionally, Xiaomi’s R&D team has conducted 11 patent design innovations on top of the existing die casting machine technology in the industry, with most of them being invention patents, such as the AI-driven optimized parameter setting system.

Furthermore, Xiaomi is currently the only domestic car manufacturer that possesses both proprietary die casting alloy materials for mass production and a self-developed large die casting equipment cluster system.

Xiaomi stated that during the verification process, the company discovered Weibo accounts that have repeatedly spread rumors and smeared Xiaomi’s reputation. The company has thoroughly collected evidence against these accounts and will use legal means to protect its legitimate rights and hold them accountable for their actions.

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