Apple Vision Basic Headset may launch June next year, design locks Oct.

Apple Unveils New “Vision Pro” Headset and Teases AI Features

Last June’s Apple WWDC 2023 event saw the introduction of the innovative “Spatial Computing Device” – the Vision Pro headset. This February, the long-awaited product officially hit the market with a starting price of $3499 (approximately ¥25263 at current rates).

Vision Pro Headset

As time progresses, news about Apple’s new headset products has begun to surface.

A report today from IT House mentioned that the Apple Vision Standard (a consumer version of the Vision Pro) is set to finalize this October.

Apple Vision Standard

According to the report, the new product will weigh around 400 grams, approximately 2/3 of the Vision Pro, with the supply chain gearing up for mass production. Initially slated for a fall 2025 (around September) release, Apple might now advance it to June 2025.

More details about the Vision Standard’s configuration haven’t surfaced yet, but considering the weight information, the new product is expected to be a slightly downgraded version of the Pro, aimed at reducing the selling price.

For reference, the Vision Pro headset weighs 600–650g, features a dual-chip design, and is equipped with Apple’s custom M2 chip and the all-new R1 chip. The device comprises 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones, supporting all-day use with the option for external battery support, offering up to 2 hours of battery life.

Vision Pro Features

Utilizing micro-OLED technology, the Vision Pro headset places 23 million pixels on two postage stamp-sized displays, supporting a wide color gamut and HDR.

Vision Pro Display

The Vision Pro headset runs on the all-new visionOS operating system. According to official descriptions, visionOS features a brand-new 3D interface that makes digital content appear and feel as if it exists in the user’s real world, aiding in understanding proportions and distances through changes in natural light and shadows. To facilitate user interaction with digital content, the Vision Pro introduces a new input system, allowing users to control it through eye movements, hand gestures, and voice commands. Browsing apps is as simple as looking at them, pinching fingers to select, flicking wrists to scroll, or dictating input.

The Vision Pro headset incorporates EyeSight to keep users connected with those around them. When someone approaches a user wearing the Vision Pro, the device’s field of view becomes transparent, enabling the user to see the person, while the approaching individual can also see the user’s eyes. Whether immersed in a spatial environment or using apps, EyeSight provides visual cues to others, indicating what the user is focused on.

Vision Pro EyeSight

In addition to the headset news, another report from IT House indicates that Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to tease new AI features next week, with a full reveal slated for the June global developer conference.

Tim Cook AI Tease

Specifically, Cook will provide a sneak peek at AI features during next week’s “Let Loose” event. According to official announcements, Apple will host this special event at 10 p.m. Beijing time on May 7th.

Let Loose Event

From the poster, it’s expected that this event will unveil a new lineup of iPad devices and a new generation of Apple Pencil products.

This year’s WWDC event will take place at Apple Park from June 11th to 15th. Current indications suggest that Apple may introduce some new AI features, including those for iOS and iPadOS. Interested individuals are encouraged to stay tuned.


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