Samsung Mocks iPhone Alarm Glitch; Apple Fans Rush to Test

Recently, Samsung released a short video featuring a small dog wearing a hat dancing to the tune of the default alarm ringtone of Samsung phones. Above the dog, a caption read, “Rest assured, our alarm rings.” The intention was to mock the incidents where iPhone alarms failed to go off.

Before the release of this video, many iPhone users reported issues where their set alarms failed to ring at the scheduled time or, even if they did, no sound or vibration occurred. At that time, Apple officially acknowledged the problem with iPhone alarms and had already fixed it. Some users discovered a possible connection with the iPhone’s “Attention Awareness” feature. When users activated this feature and looked at their phones, notification volume decreased. This feature might have mistakenly detected attention, thus reducing the alarm volume even when users were asleep. This scenario feels straight out of a horror movie: the iPhone detects “someone’s attention,” but the person isn’t actually paying attention, maybe even in a deep slumber. Who wouldn’t be frightened?

Samsung Mocks iPhone Alarm Glitch

Samsung Mocks iPhone Alarm Glitch

Samsung’s timing in releasing this video probably resonated with many Apple users, who might have thought, “Come on, Apple, get your act together!” Some might have even set multiple alarms just to be sure they wake up if their iPhone fails tomorrow. After all, for Chinese users, the biggest issue with iPhone alarms is the lack of holiday alarm functionality based on China’s public holiday calendar. Forgetting to set an alarm for a shift change could result in being late or missing important events. Yes, indeed, tomorrow is another workday. Have all of you who use iPhones set your wake-up alarms?

Samsung Mocks iPhone Alarm Glitch

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