Fitech’s R&D project secures the Tianjin Science & Technology Progress Award.

Fitech’s R&D Project Secures the Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award

Fitech's R&D Project Secures the Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award

Fitech's R&D Project Secures the Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award

Fitech's R&D Project Secures the Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award

The Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau recently announced the list of winners for the 2023 Tianjin Science and Technology Awards. Fitech (Tianjin) Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fitech”), in collaboration with Tianjin University and ecological partners, has been awarded the Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Second Prize for their project, “Key Technologies and Applications of Intelligent Vision Analysis for Complex Environments.”

The Tianjin Science and Technology Awards are presented by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and hosted by the Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau. They aim to reward individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to scientific and technological progress in the city, promote technological advancement, and accelerate economic and social development. These awards encourage independent innovation, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and expedite the integration of science and education for urban development.

In recent years, Tianjin has encouraged and supported research and applications aimed at promoting new industrialization. Intelligent vision analysis technology in industrial manufacturing scenarios faces a series of challenges such as diverse object scales and complex background environments. To achieve precise intelligent vision analysis in industrial manufacturing scenarios, since 2018, Fitech, in collaboration with Tianjin University, has been conducting research to explore key technologies for intelligent vision analysis in complex environments. This research mainly focuses on automated high-precision detection and recognition technologies based on visual methods, including video image quality enhancement, target detection, and behavior recognition. After six years of research, from theoretical exploration to breakthroughs in key technologies and subsequent enterprise application promotion, Fitech has developed a series of algorithms, systems, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Fitech’s intelligent inspection systems and intelligent online inspection products, developed based on these core technologies, have achieved high technological maturity and strong promotability. They have been successfully applied in enterprises such as FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Honda, Schaeffler (China), and Volkswagen Transmission, improving the efficiency and accuracy of industrial intelligent inspection and bringing significant economic and social benefits, thus playing an important role in advancing the industry’s technological progress.

Next, Fitech will continue to rely on its integrated innovation system to continuously promote the deep integration of production, education, research, and application. Focusing on technology fields such as artificial intelligence and machine vision, it will continuously summarize and refine innovative achievements, further enhance the level of technological achievement transformation, and strive for higher-level innovation awards. Fitech aims to consistently deliver “Made in China” solutions on high-level platforms for continuous innovation.

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