Windows 11 Update: Default Data Encryption

Important Update: Default Data Encryption Introduced in Windows 11

Windows 11 Update

Reportedly, in this year’s most significant Windows 11 update (24H2 version), Microsoft will implement default data encryption. This change marks a significant shift for users of Windows 11.

In the new installation process of Windows 11 24H2, instead of commencing from the “blue window,” drives can be encrypted in the background using BitLocker during the installation process. This change will impact not only Windows 11 Pro and higher versions but also users of the Home edition.

While using default software-based BitLocker encryption (XTS-AES 128) on Windows is not uncommon, it can lead to noticeable performance degradation on solid-state drives (such as PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs). Additionally, recovering encrypted data may become challenging if the user loses the key or mishandles it.

Hence, when using BitLocker encryption, ensure to securely store your key and regularly back up your data to prevent accidental loss. Also, be mindful of performance issues with solid-state drives and balance the relationship between security and performance.

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