New Flyme update with live alerts launching, 21 series gets it first

Recently, @Meizu Technology officially announced “Three major AI new products, coming this month.” However, the officials did not provide specific names for the new products. Apart from the rumored Meizu 21 Note, which may likely be one of these three new products based on previous online leaks, the official announcement has now confirmed one of them – the new Flyme system. According to the announcement and leaked information online, the new system is expected to introduce features such as live alerts, and the Meizu 21 series will be the first to receive the update.

New Flyme Update

Recently, @Meizu Technology has released several teaser posters and videos, accompanied by captions stating, “New #Flyme# for New Generations, coming this month.” “New Flyme, coming this month. Alive Design leaps forward, highlighting the ‘Personalized Appearance & Desktop Widgets’ of the new #Flyme#, full of personality!” From the promotional posters and videos, it appears that the new Flyme system will introduce “live alerts” feature, supporting activities such as itinerary reminders, countdown reminders, game respawn reminders, incoming call reminders, and screen casting notifications.

Flyme GIF 1

Flyme GIF 2

According to the animated graphics demonstrating the “live alerts” feature, in the default state, real-time activities of applications will be displayed as “pills” in the phone’s status bar area; clicking on the “pill” will open a banner notification, and clicking again will enter the app. When users exit the application, the real-time activity of the app will once again be represented as a “pill” reminder at the top of the phone’s status bar. As per the official announcement, the Meizu 21 series will be the first to upgrade to the new Flyme. Meizu enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this update!

Flyme Image 3

In fact, following Meizu’s announcement of the All in AI strategy, the AI experience of the Flyme system will continue to evolve and gradually be restructured, allowing AI technology to integrate more deeply into the operating system, providing users with a more intuitive AI interaction experience. In the system updates already released, the officials have added rich new AI features such as AI Dynamic Key, AI Assist Input, AI Gallery, and AI Voice. Among these, “AI Dynamic Key” integrates the AI wakeup button into Flyme’s classic mBack; a single long press can wake up the AI, including functions like dialogue and screen recognition, while Flyme also supports AI input assistance.

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