Our nation’s first mid-orbit broadband communication satellite launched successfully.

Source: Science Daily

Our nation's first mid-orbit broadband communication satellite launched successfully

May 9th, 9:43 AM, the Smart Sky Network No. 1-01 satellite was successfully launched into orbit. Xinhua News Agency (Lu Hao Photo)

According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, at 9:43 AM on May 9th, the Long March 3B carrier rocket lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, successfully placing the Smart Sky Network No. 1-01 satellite (A/B) into its designated orbit, marking a complete success for the launch mission.

After its deployment in orbit, the satellite will engage in typical scenario applications such as direct connection with scientific research data from Antarctic research stations and real-time transmission of data from low-orbit satellites. This initiative lays the groundwork for establishing an innovative experimental platform for space networking and exploring industry application models for the “Smart Sky Network.”

The “Smart Sky Network” is a mid-orbit geostationary orbit satellite network solution originally proposed by Tsinghua University. It consists of eight mid-orbit broadband communication satellites deployed in orbit at an altitude of 20,000 kilometers, forming a globally covering communication constellation. Additionally, it can be flexibly expanded into various coverage networks such as 16 satellites (two groups) or 32 satellites (four groups). Once the constellation is completed, it will provide personalized broadband network services globally without blind spots. It will also collaborate with low-orbit satellite internet and high-orbit satellite internet to build a unified Space-Terrestrial 6G network, facilitating access for all types of users in various scenarios and regions.

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