Steps to Immediately Disable WeChat Pay If Your Phone is Lost: An Official Guide

Fast Tech reports on January 3 that losing a phone without a screen lock password in place can lead to worry about unauthorized access to payment codes.

So, how can you quickly freeze WeChat Pay? WeChat official has enlightened us:

To freeze your WeChat Pay account, call the customer service number 95017 and press 9 on your dial pad, then follow the voice prompts for self-service freezing.

WeChat’s official recommendation is to apply these two lock measures regularly to ensure that even if someone gets hold of your phone, they would not be able to touch a penny in your wallet:

  1. Set up a screen lock password for your phone, which directly secures your device
  2. Activate the WeChat Pay Wallet Security Lock, which only allows access to the payment code after facial, fingerprint or gesture password verification

To setup, users can navigate via: Services > Wallet > Consumer Protection > Security Guarantee > Safety Lock to set up facial, fingerprint or gesture password.

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