From $315! Honor X50 GT Launches

On January 4th, the “Honor X50 GT: The Almighty Full-Framed Gaming Powerhouse” launch event took place. By leveraging the powerful Full-Framed Gaming Engine, the Honor X50 GT promises an unparalleled experience with superior frame rate performance, advanced cooling solutions, and exceptional touch response.

In terms of pricing, the Honor X50 GT starts at 1,999 Yuan. The 12GB+256GB version is priced at 2,199 Yuan, with an introductory offer of 1,999 Yuan; the 16GB+256GB version is priced at 2,399 Yuan, with an introductory offer of 2,299 Yuan; the 16GB+512GB version is priced at 2,599 Yuan, with an introductory offer of 2,499 Yuan; and the 16GB+1TB version is priced at 2,899 Yuan, available for an introductory price of 2,799 Yuan.

Introducing the Full-Framed Gaming Engine for Limitless Frame Rate Performance

The Honor GT series embodies the ultimate pursuit of performance. As a new member, the Honor X50 GT focuses on the core concerns of gaming enthusiasts: cooling, touch control, and frame rate. It features the latest-generation Full-Framed Gaming Engine, encompassing Ice Dragon VC Cooling, the new Ling Long Touch Control Engine, and the GPU Turbo X Frame Rate Scheduler. Through deep optimization, this engine delivers a gaming experience without frame rate limitations.

Equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 8+, the Honor X50 GT unlocks peak chip performance under GPU Turbo X, with an overall 5% performance increase and a 10% reduction in power consumption. In real-world tests with popular mobile games, the Honor X50 GT easily achieves full-frame rates.

Frame rate performance in real gaming scenarios is a crucial metric for gauging effectiveness. The Honor X50 GT undergoes rigorous testing under extreme temperatures, workloads, and durations to thoroughly cover the gaming scenarios faced by users. The tuning from Honor ensures that the X50 GT outperforms competitors using the 8Gen2 chip, delivering a gaming experience with unlimited frame rates and reaffirming Honor’s chip tuning expertise.

A Massive 5100mm² Cooling Area: Ice Dragon VC for an Exceptional Cooling Experience

A frame rate without limitations requires the support of an advanced cooling system. The Honor X50 GT’s Ice Dragon VC features innovative materials and structure.

With a large 5100mm² VC area for its class and a new VC cooling architecture, it integrates industry-first micro channel veins and Bernoulli bionic blades, using second-generation ultra-high-performance graphite that boosts cooling capacity by 50%. Assisted by a second-generation AI dual-model system for intelligent thermal management, the Honor X50 GT significantly improves its cooling capabilities, keeping the device cool during intense gaming sessions.

The Ice Dragon VC cooling system mimics the natural water cycle, reconstructing evaporation, transport, and condensation processes to achieve a quantum leap in cooling efficiency.

New Ling Long Touch Control for Exceptional Touch Response

Responsive, rapid, and precise touch control is vital for gamers aiming to outmaneuver opponents. The Honor X50 GT debuts with blazing-fast Ling Long Touch Control, featuring a 1.5K-touch screen supporting instantaneous touch sampling rates of 1200Hz and touch reporting rates of 600Hz. This enables 16 times more precise touch controls, offering gamers speed and precision. Additionally, the Honor X50 GT has been specifically tuned for various games to further enhance touch response speeds. For instance, movements and taps in “Peace Elite” have improved by 65% and 81%, respectively.

Besides touch control improvements, the Honor X50 GT’s display supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and a 100% P3 wide color gamut, featuring hardware-level low-blue light, natural light eye protection, and sleep-friendly display technologies. In essence, the Honor X50 GT’s screen combines ultra-clear display, precise touch control, and eye protection for gamers.

The New War God Protection System: Setting a New Standard for Performance Phone Quality

Honor’s CMO for China, Mr. Jiang Hai, stated at the launch, “On the journey to exceptional performance, quality remains our starting point and goal.”

The Honor X50 GT inherits the high-quality DNA of the X series, continuing to utilize the innovative “Honor Tai Chi Shock Absorbing Architecture.” It has passed the Swiss SGS five-star anti-drop certification, providing comprehensive drop protection from all sides and corners. The phone has also undergone rigorous quality testing in high-frequency user scenarios and features a new durability-enhancing architecture to ensure the consistency of its components. The Honor X50 GT’s War God Protection System, combined with the Tai Chi architecture, durability enhancements, and specialization in extreme scenarios, ensures superior protection for users.

Moreover, the Honor X50 GT features a 5800mAh ultra durable battery, offering up to 12 hours of usage on a full charge. The battery has passed aging tests, ensuring long-lasting endurance even after four years. Despite the large battery capacity, the Honor X50 GT maintains a slim profile at just 7.98mm thick and weighs approximately 192g, balancing between a long-lasting battery and comfortable handling.

Inheriting Eastern Aesthetics and Powered by a Smart Engine for a Comprehensive Superior Experience

The Honor X50 GT not only elevates performance but also offers an enhanced experience in design, imaging, and smoothness. Drawing inspiration from Eastern aesthetics, it presents two design options – Silver Wing and Phantom Black. The Silver Wing version features a new design with gold lines resembling dragon claws, providing a distinct look.

With up to 16GB of large memory and supported by OS Turbo X, the Honor X50 GT boasts fewer slowdowns and faster response times for a smoother experience. In imaging, the phone comes equipped with a 108-megapixel primary camera, along with an upgraded portrait engine for stunning photos whether shooting landscapes or portraits.

Furthermore, the Honor X50 GT ships with the Magic OS 7.2 system, introducing enhanced smart features such as mask recognition, multifunctional NFC, and the latest Carlife support, ensuring the Honor X50 GT delivers a comprehensively superior experience to users.

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