From $399! New Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Flagship Outdoes Redmi K70!

OnePlus Ace3 – The New Powerhouse Takes on Redmi K70

After an intense battle of new smartphone releases among top manufacturers at the end of last year, the competition in the mobile market has shown no signs of calming down as we step into 2024. Just as we celebrate the fourth day of the New Year, the highly anticipated OnePlus Ace3 has officially launched. While the previous OnePlus 12 seemed to fall slightly short when compared to the Redmi K70 Pro, the OnePlus Ace3 is determined to compete for the best price-to-performance spot currently filled by the Redmi K70.

At today’s launch event, OnePlus didn’t hold back in directly challenging the Redmi K70, aiming to not just match but exceed in both design and technical specifications. In fact, the OnePlus Ace3 has every right to boast such ambitious claims, as it excels in nearly every aspect. Starting with the display, the Ace3 boasts the same custom-made screen as found on the OnePlus 12.

This 1.5K resolution display is outfitted with an LTPO hardware design supporting 8T circuits, which means it can offer the new generation of automatic high refresh rates. When compared to the Redmi K70’s 2K LTPS screen, it holds significant advantages in terms of fluidity, responsiveness, and lower power consumption. OnePlus even quoted Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun during the presentation to emphasize that the high-cost LTPO technology expected in flagship devices is being utilized here.

The Ace3 also perfectly inherits the eye protection feature that OnePlus 12 is proud of. In terms of performance, OnePlus claims to have implemented proprietary technologies including a micro-architecture supercomputing engine, Memory Gene Recombination 2.0, and a storage renewal technology. These are said to elevate performance tuning, allowing up to 34 background applications to remain active indefinitely.

With the integration of its aerospace-grade Tensile Cooling System Pro, the Ace3 ensures peak performance by keeping temperatures low during intense use. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated graphics chip for an enriched gaming experience, featuring a Game HDR function that promises remarkable framerate performance in mainstream games. The device also comes equipped with Sony’s flagship 50 million pixel IMX890 primary sensor, supporting optical image stabilization and delivering the message that performance and photography aren’t mutually exclusive. Its battery capacity is substantial at 5500mAh.

The Ace3 also supports an impressive 100W Super Fast Charging technology. In terms of the device’s craftsmanship, it’s clear that OnePlus Ace3 has been designed to stand out, sporting a custom metal frame and an uninterrupted color process glass back panel, presenting both a luxurious feel and visually appealing design. Other features include an ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensor, WIFI7, infrared, NFC, and dual 5G support, making the device fully featured.

When it comes to the most critical factor for many—the price—OnePlus Ace3 seems to be slightly ambitious. While it could have been priced competitively at 2499 like the Redmi K70, OnePlus has opted to set the starting price at 2599. This still represents an exceptional value but could lead to some hesitation among potential buyers. Xiaomi executive Wang Teng wasted no time in pointing this out to challenge OnePlus.

Overall, while it’s not certain if the OnePlus Ace3 can truly break through the Redmi K70’s stronghold, it’s unquestionably positioned as the new pinnacle of Snapdragon 8 Gen2 smartphones!

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