Honor X50 GT Out Now, Starts at 1999 RMB, Superior Performance

On January 4th, 2024, the Honor X50 GT was officially launched at its “Powerful Core, Superior Performance” new product release event. Harnessing the power of its Full-Frame Engine, the Honor X50 GT transcends expectations with peak frame rates, advanced cooling, and hyper-responsive touch controls, introducing a new level of performance experience for users. The Honor X50 GT went on pre-sale starting at a price of 1,999 yuan at 20:30 on January 4th, with official sales kicking off at 10:08 on January 9th.

Debut of the Full-Frame Engine: Offering Unrestricted High-Frame Rate Performance

The Honor GT series exemplifies the ultimate pursuit of performance. As a new addition to this series, the Honor X50 GT focuses on the core gaming concerns of “cooling, touch control, and frame rates.” Equipped with the new generation Full-Frame Engine, which includes the Ice Dragon VC cooling system, the brand-new ‘Dragon Touch’ control engine, and the GPU Turbo X frame scheduling engine, the device provides a gaming experience with unrestricted frame rates through deep and intricate hardware tuning.

Featuring the first generation Snapdragon 8+ chipset and operating under GPU Turbo X frame scheduling, the Honor X50 GT unleashes peak chip performance with a 5% overall boost and a 10% reduction in power consumption. In practical tests with three popular mobile games, the Honor X50 GT easily achieved full-frame rates throughout the gaming session.

Frame rate performance in real gaming scenarios is a prime indicator of performance. The Honor X50 GT has undergone extensive testing in high-temperature, heavy-load, and long-duration conditions, covering real-world gaming use cases. The Honor device consistently outperformed competitors’ Gen 2 models, providing an unrestricted frame-rate gaming experience and reaffirming that “When it comes to chipset tuning, Honor leads the way.”

5,100mm² VC: Extra-Large Cooling Area with Ice Dragon VC for an Enhanced Cooling Experience

An uninterrupted gaming experience with high frame rates is impossible without an efficient cooling system. The Honor X50 GT’s Ice Dragon VC has been innovatively designed in terms of both materials and structure.

The Honor X50 GT features a VC (Vapor Chamber) cooling system with an industry-leading area of 5,100mm² and a new VC architecture. It introduces first-of-their-kind micro-groove channels and Bernoulli bionic wings, along with second-generation high-performance graphite that improves cooling capacity by 50%. Empowered by the second-generation AI intelligent shell/ambient temperature dual model, the device significantly increases overall cooling capacity, enabling users to remain “cool” during intense gaming action.

Furthermore, the Ice Dragon VC cooling system imitates the natural water cycle, reconstructing the evaporation, transportation, and condensation processes for a leap in cooling efficiency.

New ‘Dragon Touch’ Control: Superior Touch Response in Its Class

For gaming enthusiasts, quick response times, high speed, and precision are crucial advantages. The Honor X50 GT features the latest ‘Dragon Touch’ controls with a 1.5K touch-sensitive screen that supports a 1200Hz instant touch sampling rate and a 600Hz touch reporting rate. This provides 16 times more precise control, enabling faster and more accurate responses. The Honor X50 GT is also specially tuned for different games to enhance touch response speeds significantly. For instance, in the game “Peacekeeper Elite,” movement and touch responsiveness have increased by 65% and 81%, respectively.

Beyond touch enhancements, the Honor X50 GT’s screen supports up to a 120Hz refresh rate, a full P3 color gamut, and features hardware-level low blue light, natural light eye protection, and sleep-aid display technologies. In other words, the Honor X50 GT’s screen combines crystal-clear visuals, precise touch controls, and eye-friendly features for gamers.

New War God Protection System: Setting a New Standard for Performance Smartphone Quality

Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor China, said at the launch event, “On the path to superior performance, quality is always our starting point and foundation.”

The Honor X50 GT inherits the high-quality genes of the X series, continuing the use of the pioneering “Honor Tai Chi Shock Absorption Architecture,” earning the Swiss SGS five-star rating for fall resistance, providing “all-round” protection against drops and shocks. In addition, the Honor X50 GT has undergone rigorous quality tests for high-frequency use scenarios and employs a new durability enhancement architecture to ensure component consistency. Building upon the Tai Chi Shock Absorption Architecture, durability enhancement, and specialized optimization for extreme scenarios, the Honor X50 GT establishes a protective system fit for a warrior, safeguarding users’ experiences.

Moreover, the Honor X50 GT is equipped with a 5800mAh high-capacity battery, offering up to 12 hours of endurance on a full charge and sustaining long-lasting performance even after 4 years per aging tests. Remarkably, despite the large battery, the Honor X50 GT maintains a slim profile of only 7.98mm and a light weight of around 192g, achieving both significant battery life and comfortable handling.

Embracing Oriental Aesthetics and Powered by Intelligent Engine for an Upgraded Experience

In addition to performance upgrades, the Honor X50 GT also surpasses expectations with its design, imaging capabilities, and smoothness. Inspired by oriental aesthetics, the Honor X50 GT introduces two designs: Silver Winged War God and Phantom Night Black. The Silver Winged War God features a unique ‘Sky-Piercing’ pattern with engraved golden lines resembling dragon claws, resulting in a distinctive look.

With support for up to 16GB of large RAM and powered by OS Turbo X, the Honor X50 GT experiences fewer stutters, faster response times, and super-smooth performance. Its camera system boasts a 100MP primary sensor, complemented by a new portrait engine that ensures stunningly detailed images, whether capturing landscapes or portraits.

Moreover, the Honor X50 GT comes pre-installed with the Magic OS 7.2 system, offering advanced intelligent features like mask-unlock, multi-functional NFC, and the latest Carlife support, promising users a comprehensive upgrade in their smartphone experience.

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