OPPO Find X7 Hype: 1M Pre-orders!

The Highly Anticipated OPPO Find X7 Series Launches on January 8th

The OPPO Find X7 series is set to be revealed on January 8th. Pre-booking for this much-anticipated flagship series has already been opened by OPPO, and as of the afternoon of January 4th, the company has released pre-booking figures. Reports suggest that the OPPO Find X7 series has accumulated over a million reservations online, indicating a fiery start even before its release. So, what are the features that are making everyone so excited? Let’s take a look at the highlights we’ve gathered from various leaks.

OPPO Find X7

As OPPO’s flagship kickstarting the new year, the OPPO Find X7 series boasts impressive upgrades in the camera department. Sample photos shared by OPPO’s Chief Product Officer, Liu Zuohu, showcase the series’ capacity to capture natural-looking images even with its telephoto lens. The Find X7 Ultra, in particular, leverages OPPO’s deep understanding of image quality and lighting, producing photographs with excellent lighting effects and a more pronounced background blur that adds depth and dimension to the portraits.

OPPO Find X7 Camera

The official sample portraits taken with the OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s camera look promising, with realistic lighting and detailed textures apparent in the photos. The 65mm focal length, likely in a 3x mode, captures images with depth and precision in background defocus, transitioning seamlessly. With the inclusion of dual periscope telephoto lenses, it’s clear that portrait photography will be a strong suit for the Find X7 Ultra.

OPPO Find X7 Portrait

OPPO has also announced that the entire Find X7 series will support full range 4K Dolby Vision HDR video recording, a first in the Android camp. Users can expect exceptional video quality across all zoom levels with vibrant colors and professional-grade brightness and contrast, giving videographers more creative flexibility in post-production.

OPPO Find X7 Video

In terms of design, the OPPO Find X7 series maintains a high standard, featuring a spliced body with a unique indentation along the edge of the rear camera module rather than the usual flat design. Both models come with blue and orange spiced color schemes, with the new blue and white combination exuding a mature and upscale feel.

OPPO Find X7 Design

Taking into account all the leaks, the hardware specs of the OPPO Find X7 series appear to be extremely robust, with top-notch gaming and camera capabilities. The Find X7 Ultra, in particular, is expected to set new industry standards with its dual periscope camera setup. As for other features, we’re looking forward to the January 8th launch event, where OPPO will unveil the innovative technologies incorporated into the Find X7 series. Stay tuned!

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