Samsung Cuts Flagship Price by $2191

Low popularity doesn’t necessarily mean poor sales, and Samsung smartphones in the Chinese market are a prime example of this. When Samsung smartphones come to mind in China, many may sadly consider them as underdogs, with a market share that doesn’t even crack the top five. But in reality, Samsung is faring better than many people expect. Not only does it hold the number one market share globally, but it also continues to release new models in China. If Samsung wasn’t profitable, it would have withdrawn long ago. The reason it continues to invest year after year is due to the tangible returns it sees in the Chinese market.

Considering China’s large population base, even a 1% market share represents a significant amount. Therefore, Samsung’s annual shipments in China are quite substantial. Among Samsung’s customers are wealthy individuals who appreciate the brand’s products, though they are not the majority. More commonly, buyers are average consumers who take advantage of discounts on Samsung’s flagship models. Many of Samsung’s originally pricey high-end flagships, including the Samsung S23, are ultimately sold at much more affordable prices.

Just like other well-known Samsung flagships, the Samsung S23 was not cheap upon release, with a starting price of 5199 yuan. By comparison, domestic flagship smartphones often offer better value for money, and Samsung does not quite match the prestige of Apple in the eyes of consumers with higher aspirations, leading them to consider the iPhone instead. Initially, the early adopters of Samsung’s S23 were either affluent individuals who favored its minimalist design or loyal Samsung fans. However, the situation has since shifted.

One effective way to address sluggish smartphone sales is to reduce prices. Samsung is known not only for its steep initial prices but also for its rapid price reductions. Previous Samsung flagships, whose prices drastically dropped, became competitively priced and swiftly sold out. The Samsung S23 follows this trend; with new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagships appearing, Samsung has finally relented, dropping the price of its main flagship, the S23, by as much as 2191 yuan.

Once its price is significantly cut, this flagship becomes very appealing. It’s worth noting that Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and many domestic smartphone brands even source their hardware from Samsung. The features incorporated in their flagship models are some of the best, too. The Samsung S23 doesn’t only come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 but also boasts a high-end second-generation dynamic AMOLED display with eye care technology, supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, features a 50MP ultra-vision rear camera with OIS optical stabilization, and also offers IP68 water resistance and wireless charging capabilities.

Currently, the biggest price drop is for the 256GB high-end version of the flagship, whose original price of 5699 yuan has been slashed to 3508 yuan, a discount of 2191 yuan. The starting price has also been reduced to 3322 yuan. At these prices, a high-end IP68 water-resistant Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship is no longer expensive and isn’t difficult to sell.

Additionally, with this latest price drop, the near-new model prices at certified second-hand stores have also dipped below the 3000 yuan mark. Despite the Samsung flagship’s lukewarm popularity, a lower price point still entices many consumers, as it appears every bit the high-end flagship it was originally sold as.

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