Siri to get smarter in iOS 18 at WWDC 2024

In the tech community, it’s clear that numerous manufacturers are ramping up their efforts in the field of generative AI. Taking advantage of proprietary models and data, they’re introducing a whole array of new AI-driven features. Notably, domestic smartphone giants like Huawei are fully optimizing their systems with generative AI-powered large models. While rumors suggest that Samsung may even launch an AI-integrated smartphone this year, Apple seems conspicuously quiet on the generative AI front. However, recent reports indicate that Apple may be gearing up to spotlight generative AI at WWDC 2024 in June, hinting at the possible incorporation of extensive AI features in iOS 18.

It is understood that Apple has been testing the “Ajax” language large model since the beginning of 2023. Within the anticipated iOS 18, Apple’s own applications like Pages and Keynote are expected to offer automation in summarization and completion tasks. Additionally, new features based on large model research could debut in Apple Music, such as the automated creation of playlists. Moreover, the company’s voice assistant, Siri, is set for an upgrade, poised to bring smarter and more seamless voice interactions.

Some international analysts believe that Apple plans to expand its AI applications comprehensively by 2025. This might mean that only a selection of generative AI applications will be showcased at WWDC 2024, with a full-scale rollout potentially occurring the following year. Currently, Apple doesn’t seem to be leading the pack in terms of generative AI technology. Whether this is due to a strategic decision to delay the release for stability reasons, or due to slower developmental progress, is up for debate. It’s also uncertain how frequently Apple users are engaging with Siri without custom shortcuts; as it stands, Siri’s functionality often falls short of impressing with its intelligence. Given the recent significant drop in stock prices, it seems crucial for Apple to catch up with the evolving pace of generative AI technology promptly.

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