X7 Unveiled: Ultimate AI & Imaging with Dimensity 9300!

Recently, OPPO officially announced the launch of their latest flagship smartphone, the Find X7. This cutting-edge device is powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 chip and has clinched the top spot in Zurich’s prestigious AI smartphone rankings. MediaTek’s General Manager, Rick Tsai, was present at the launch event and highly praised the deep collaboration between MediaTek and OPPO.

Find X7 Image

Tsai remarked, “The Find X7 is not just about its superior performance; it excels in all aspects of the user experience, including stable gaming, extensive battery life, and efficient power consumption. OPPO’s optimization of the Dimensity 9300 has exceeded our expectations, embodying a pioneering standard in industry performance. With the Find X7, MediaTek and OPPO have embarked on a new era of technological cooperation. We’ve worked together to develop numerous custom technologies that encompass performance, gaming, imaging, and multimedia. The Dimensity 9300 has been hailed by media as the ‘strongest AI mobile platform of the year.’ And with the Find X7 harnessing AI capabilities to leverage a large-scale 7-billion-parameter model, it offers a stunning generative AI experience.”

Find X7 AI Capabilities

Generative AI is a technology that can automatically generate content according to user needs, such as images, videos, music, text, etc. It has a wide variety of applications, including beauty filters, face swapping, voice changing, virtual avatars, and intelligent content creation. The key to generative AI is the training and inference of models, requiring chips with high performance and energy efficiency. The Dimensity 9300 features the 7th generation APU architecture, supporting up to 33 billion AI parameters, while maintaining an impressively low power consumption.

Dimensity 9300 Chip with APU Architecture

OPPO’s Find X7 utilizes the generative AI capabilities of the Dimensity 9300 to introduce several innovative features to users. For instance, it includes functionalities such as automatic call summarization, article summarization, and AIGC noise cancellation, simplifying complex actions with a single step. Thanks to the AndesGPT on-device deployment of a 7-billion-parameter language model, the Find X7 delivers faster model response times and capabilities compared to other smartphones. Generating a 200-word summary takes only 0.2 seconds, while a 2000-word summary is completed in just 2.9 seconds, which is 2.5 times faster than its competitors.

Find X7 Features

In contrast to other models on the same platform, which only support human recognition, the Find X7 extends recognition and segmentation to over 120 types of subjects. It achieves hair-level segmentation, separates multiple subjects (up to six), and offers the ability to fill and naturally generate large-area images. This greatly expands the practicality and application range of generative visual models, providing users with a new generation of image editing experiences.

Find X7 Image Editing

The Find X7 also introduces the first AI large model voice summary, revolutionizing the call experience. Compared to other models with 1 billion parameters, the Find X7’s on-device 7 billion-parameter model demonstrates a higher “IQ” in understanding, capable of generating summaries that are accurate and don’t miss out on details. Thanks to intelligent scheduling with Andes cloud collaboration, OPPO ensures that the entire summary process is encrypted, with the summary kept locally on the device, thus greatly enhancing the experience while fiercely guarding user privacy.

It’s worth noting that the OPPO Find X7 has achieved first place in the Zurich AI rankings, a respected benchmark led by the ETH Zurich, which evaluates AI performance in smartphones. The Find X7 excelled in various AI tasks such as facial recognition, image classification, and image enhancement, showcasing the AI capabilities of the Dimensity 9300 chip.

Zurich AI Rankings

Apart from generative AI, the OPPO Find X7 also leverages the performance and energy efficiency of the Dimensity 9300 to deliver an ultimate gaming experience. The phone supports a 120Hz high refresh rate display and HDR10+ for high dynamic range, providing smoother, more detailed, and more lifelike visuals. OPPO has further deepened its collaboration with MediaTek to develop the Tide Architecture, which smartly adjusts the size and distribution strategy of the SLC to allow processing units to dynamically access the most suitable cache resources according to different scenarios and workloads, achieving optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Find X7 Gaming Experience

With OPPO’s new ultra-optical image engine, the Find X7 fully utilizes the imaging capabilities of the MediaTek Dimensity 9300, delivering unparalleled image and color quality comparable to that of Hasselblad cameras. The ultra-optical image engine integrates enhanced algorithms for ultra-optical imaging and natural color. Paired with the Dimensity 9300’s ninth-generation Imagiq image processor, it enriches the Find X7 with a vast spectrum of color and light variations, replicating Hasselblad’s professional tonal palette.

Find X7 Camera Quality

The OPPO Find X7 not only showcases the allure of generative AI but also serves as an excellent example of the Dimensity 9300’s capabilities, providing users with more creativity and fun. The collaboration between MediaTek and OPPO is a successful cross-industry convergence, exploring new possibilities in the era of generative AI and delivering superior products and experiences to users.

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