Honor Magic6 Series Launches with Six Key Tech Advances

On January 11, 2024, the highly anticipated Honor Magic6 series flagship smartphones were officially released. As a culmination of innovation and technology, the Honor Magic6 series has stepped up in design, imaging, performance, and screen hardware. Additionally, it features the reinvented Honor Satellite Communication (HONOR Skylink), a new and upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, and the latest MagicOS 8.0, all showcasing its powerful capabilities. Let’s take a closer look now.

Honor Magic6 Series Design

Starting with the design, the Honor Magic6 series employs popular design elements; a streamlined body with a subtly curved screen that strikes a balance between straight and traditional curved displays, providing both advantages of the curved screen and the precision of a flat display. The camera array continues the family’s “Star Wheel Triple Camera” design. The back cover comes in two materials: leather and glass, with four color options: Qilian Snow, Lake Blue, Wheat Green, and Cloud Purple. The first two colors are glass, and the last two are leather. Additionally, a black version is available, catering to differing aesthetic preferences of various users.

Honor Magic6 Series Black

Honor Magic6 Series Colors

Beyond its looks, the Honor Magic6 series packs a punch in communication capabilities. The introduction of the proprietary Honor C1+ RF enhancement chip significantly improves the OTA performance of the antenna. This enhancement not only boosts call quality in weak signal environments and 5G connectivity but also supports easy 5G global roaming across various countries and regions.

Honor Magic6 Series Communication

The Honor Magic6 Pro supports HONOR Skylink satellite communication technology, which compared to previous satellite communication solutions, reduces the power consumption of satellite time and calls, ensuring stronger signal quality and longer battery life. Also, considering user safety, the Honor Magic6 Pro can support 8 minutes of real-time voice communication or send 16 two-way text messages—even at a super low battery threshold of 5%.

Honor Magic6 Pro Satellite Communication

Honor Magic6 Pro Features

Honor Magic6 Pro Satellite Communication Feature

The regular Honor Magic6 boasts a 6.78-inch full symmetric micro-curved screen, while the Pro version features a 6.8-inch floating streamline quad-curved display. These screens support dynamic adjustment from 1-120Hz and leverage a novel screen concentration technology, achieving a maximum brightness of 1600 nits and a peak value of 5000 nits for a brighter and wider dynamic range in everyday use.

Honor Magic6 Series Display

Regarding eye comfort, users can always trust in the quality of Honor’s Green Oasis Eye Protection Screen. It boasts industry-leading 4320Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, natural light eye protection, sleep-aid display, hardware-level low blue light, natural color display, and has passed Germany’s Rheinland TÜV Global Eye Protection 3.0 certification and the Chinese Standards Institute’s VICO A+ visual comfort test, ensuring an optimal eye-protection experience.

Honor Magic6 Screen Eye Protection

For battery life, the Honor Magic6 has a capacity of 5450mAh, while the Honor Magic6 Pro has an even higher capacity of 5600mAh. Both support 80W Honor Super Fast Charge and 50W Honor Wireless Super Fast Charge. The second-generation Qinghai Lake battery technology, coupled with the Honor Dujiangyan power management system, achieves precise measurement of battery life, safe usage, and optimized charging strategies through a combination of hardware chips and software algorithms. Even in temperatures as low as -20°C, the device can last for hours, providing an all-day, all-scenario battery life experience for the user.

The Honor Magic6 series boasts impressive camera capabilities. Its rear triple-camera setup includes a 50-megapixel wide-angle camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), a 32-megapixel telephoto camera also with OIS, and a 50-megapixel ultra-wide camera with autofocus capability. These versatile cameras cater to a wide array of photographic scenarios. On the front, the devices feature a 50-megapixel wide-angle camera on the Magic6 and an additional 3D depth camera alongside the 50-megapixel wide-angle camera on the Magic6 Pro, offering superb selfie results.

The Honor Magic6 Pro takes it a step further with its industry-leading F1.4 aperture main camera lens, paired with the largest 1/1.49-inch sensor and a 108-megapixel ultra-high-definition periscope telephoto camera, providing a formidable hardware suite. This advanced SLR-level “Eagle Eye” camera facilitates multi-angle, more accurate motion recognition and capture, delivering an SLR-like imaging experience and sports photography prowess, to help users easily record spectacular moments in any situation.

The Honor Magic6 series aims to continuously enhance camera interactivity and professionalism by integrating the “Imaging Magic Box” feature, which allows for the easy adjustment of frequently used camera settings such as photo ratio, reference lines, and image style during shooting. The series offers three distinct shooting styles encompassing natural, vibrant, and textured finishes to cater to a variety of shooting scenarios such as food, flowers, scenery, work, products, and human interest, meeting the personalized photography needs of users.

In terms of system software, the Honor Magic6 series runs the new MagicOS 8.0, bringing innovative interactions and enhanced experiences. The system includes several practical features, like the “Smart Clip” function, which can understand a user’s intentions from a simple spoken phrase and automatically generate video clips. It also boasts the “Dynamic Capsule,” which leverages low-power mobile platforms and Honor’s unique eye-control technology to intuitively understand every step of user intent for cross-application accessibility, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Among the new signature interaction features of the Honor Magic6 series, the “Magic-Link” (arbitrary door) stands out, bringing a wealth of impressive operations to users. With Magic-Link, tasks are simplified across various internet services, allowing direct and rapid jumps to the apps that users wish to utilize. Notably, Magic-Link has been fully integrated into seven high-frequency scenarios, including travel, work, social, search, entertainment, shopping, and dining, enabling a new experience of cross-interface interaction with a single touch.

Regarding hardware, the Honor Magic6 series comes equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform and features an Adreno 750 GPU, delivering robust performance. Whether for everyday applications or demanding gaming experiences, the series promises smooth and efficient operation. Additionally, the Honor Magic6 series of smartphones integrates Honor’s proprietary OS Turbo X and GPU Turbo X technologies, further enhancing system performance and graphics processing capabilities.

At the launch event, Honor also unveiled the Honor Magic V2 RSR, the world’s first folding screen phone designed in collaboration with Porsche Design. The product’s design is inspired by Porsche’s iconic contours and features a streamlined back window reminiscent of the brand’s classic styling, making it arguably the most stylish folding screen phone currently available.

Honor has also introduced two new versions of its flagship smartwatch, the Honor Watch 4 Pro, in white and aqua. These come with a white leather strap and a blue fluororubber strap, respectively, plus fresh watch face designs for those interested in the latest fashion in wearable tech.

Overall, the Honor Magic6 series excels in design, display, imaging, battery life, and charging capabilities. Additionally, the inclusion of satellite communication functionality sets it apart, marking it as one of the rare brands and models to support this feature in the current market. With a strong overall product performance, it’s clear that this device is poised to attract those who prioritize aesthetics and photography in their mobile phones.

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