NVIDIA & Firms Forge AI Avatars

AI’s Impact on the Digital Avatar Industry in 2024

At the beginning of 2024, the field of digital avatars, as an offshoot of AI, has once again gained momentum.

NVIDIA (NVDA .US), a global leader in chip manufacturing, has maintained a leading position in AI technology. During the recent CES 2024 conference, NVIDIA officially introduced NVIDIA ACE (Avatar Cloud Engine) microservice technology.


This technology allows game, tool, and middleware developers to incorporate advanced generative AI models into virtual digital characters within games and applications. Leveraging a combination of NVIDIA’s AI and graphics technologies, NVIDIA ACE can create lifelike virtual characters that can interact with players using natural language and engage in conversations akin to interacting with real people. Additionally, NVIDIA ACE can also be used in areas such as virtual customer service, where it provides services through virtual avatars.


Most notably, NVIDIA announced at the CES conference its collaboration with gaming companies such as Tencent (TCEHY.US) and NetEase (NTES.US) to explore innovative applications of AI digital avatars.

AI-Driven Digital Avatar Revolution

AI digital avatars are virtual characters created using AI technology, possessing highly interactive capabilities and realistic appearances. For a relatively low cost, and with some time spent recording audio and video, AI models can train digital counterparts with almost identical mouth movements, speech rhythms, and body language as real individuals.

Through collaboration with NVIDIA, Chinese gaming companies will be able to further enhance the technological capabilities and application scenarios of AI digital avatars, providing users with richer, immersive gaming experiences.

Driven by ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is entering the era of large-scale models. With AI technology evolving at an accelerated pace, breakthroughs in multimodal capabilities are poised to expand AI application scenarios, benefiting sectors such as gaming and digital avatars. The intensive presence of AI products in 2024 presents promising prospects for digital avatars.

AI products

Today, with the breakthroughs in generative AI algorithms, digital avatars can embody various roles such as AI-based hosts and AI-based customer service representatives. Every industry is undergoing a revolution driven by digital avatars. In this innovative and competitive field, major tech companies are actively exploring and developing digital avatar application products for various scenarios, considering digital avatars as a strategic priority. Furthermore, some companies specializing in virtual technology are gaining recognition for their unique strengths and capabilities.

WIMI Holographic’s Enormous Potential in Vertical Industries

As a globally renowned augmented reality (AR) technology company, WIMI Hologram Cloud (WIMI.US) has demonstrated remarkable performance in customer experience, efficiency improvement, and business innovation. Now, it is further advancing the development of artificial intelligence, combining AI technology with AR technology in multiple product offerings, including AI digital avatars, AR live broadcasting, and AR exhibitions. This fusion has created substantial commercial value, accelerating the transition into the era of intelligence.

In summary, WIMI Hologram Cloud integrates AI technology with AR to overlay virtual objects onto real spaces visible through digital avatar-driven live streaming. Leveraging unique rendering technology, it can realistically render the facial expressions of 3D objects and characters in real time at high resolution. Based on WIMI’s digital avatar capabilities, clients can independently expand their creative space and even construct 2D virtual human images and lifelike 3D digital avatars. Applications span multiple industries including finance, media, transportation, government affairs, and cultural tourism.

Looking ahead, innovative iterations in AI technology are driving the further integration of AR application scenarios, while hotspots such as AIGC, digital avatars, multimodal AI, large-scale AI models, and intelligent decision-making bring more imagination and possibilities to the market. By seizing opportunities in core technology, WIMI Hologram Cloud is accelerating the implementation of AI technology and beginning to establish a superb practice of using AI+AR digital avatars. This supports the breakthroughs at the forefront of technology and will create even more value in the future.


When predicting the future of technology, the significance lies not only in whether it comes to fruition but also in swiftly enabling more people to seize the opportunity early. It can be said that AI digital avatars will drive industries such as lifestyle, entertainment, commerce, and government into a new era. AI digital avatars will bring about breakthroughs and innovations, offering enterprises an important competitive advantage and providing users with better experiences and more efficient service support. Hence, as artificial intelligence technology continues to evolve, leveraging digital avatar technology to enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, and expand markets will become the focus of many enterprises.

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