Magic6 Pro Review: New Eye-Care Champ?

Review of the Latest Smartphone

This generation of smartphones has quite a high level of recognition. The thickness and weight are not much different from the previous generation, and the grip feels comfortable. In recent years, many people have started using domestically made screens and have been focusing on eye protection. However, Yaoko did indeed have an early layout and took a leading position. The new phone supports 4320Hz dimming, and there’s no need to explain the significance of this figure, right? It would be even better if the resolution could be increased a bit more.

In terms of imaging, the telephoto lens has reached 180 million pixels. Upon actual testing for capturing large scenes and zooming in, there is indeed an improvement in detail and clarity. I even occasionally use it as a telescope, but I hope the technological taste of the colors can be reduced a bit.

The fast charging power has been increased from 66W to 100W, which might be a bit “offensive” to the competition. If I use it for daily tasks like watching videos and working, without gaming, I can still have about 40% battery left at the end of the day. It still has a short-focus fingerprint scanner, but I’ve gotten used to facial recognition, which is still acceptable.

If eye protection is essential to you, what do you think about this phone?

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