New CPU-Z: P-Core Benchmarks, ARM Support

Analyzing Processors with CPU-Z

CPU-Z can be considered the leading software for testing CPUs. The software is very compact and quickly adds support for new CPUs. Almost every CPU evaluation includes testing the performance of CPU-Z. However, in the past when conducting CPU-Z tests, due to software limitations, the performance of Intel’s new generation processors was a hybrid of P core and E core, which sparked dissatisfaction from AMD. AMD claimed that Intel’s combined computing of the PE cores was unfair, while AMD purely computes using big cores, challenging Intel to compete using P cores alone. Now, it seems that CPU-Z has fulfilled this wish.


CPU-Z Interface

According to the latest version of CPU-Z, the version number will be upgraded to 2.09, adding complete support for the Intel Meteor Lake processor. Previously, it only identified P cores and E cores, but now it includes P cores, E cores, and LP cores, along with specific parameters such as cores and cache quantity. In addition, for Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake processor, the CPU-Z 2.09 version has also been preliminarily recognized, likely able to smoothly identify the processor model and basic parameters. For AMD, it supports the latest Hawk Point and Hawk Point 2, including the identification of Zen 4 and Zen 4c. In addition, CPU-Z has also improved P core and E core testing. Now consumers can directly use CPU-Z for comprehensive testing of all cores and individual P cores, providing better insight into the performance of big cores. Undoubtedly, with the widespread adoption of CPU-Z 2.09, the debate about P cores and E cores is likely to intensify even further.

CPU Cores

In addition, for Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, CPU-Z has introduced a version specifically for ARM64, adding support for processors such as Snapdragon 8cx Gen1/2/3, displaying details about big and small cores, and instruction sets. After all, Snapdragon and other processors are gaining increasing market share in PCs, naturally drawing the attention of CPU-Z.

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