iOS 17.3 RC Out – Wait for Reviews!

Exciting Updates in the World of Apple’s iPhone

In recent times, the mobile phone market has seen a lot of good news about Apple’s iPhone, whether it’s about its global market share or price drops.

The iPhone’s market popularity is reaching new heights, but to sustain this momentum, it needs a fresh strategy.

For example, system optimization has not been particularly good since the introduction of iOS17. If optimization can be improved in the future, there is still hope for a further surge in popularity.

According to the latest market reports, the iPhone is making strides in the iOS system, particularly with the release of iOS 17.3 RC.

Data shows that the iOS 17.3 RC version has introduced a groundbreaking feature – stolen device protection. If a device is lost or stolen, this feature, when configured, can protect personal information from unauthorized access and even enable remote device control.

However, it’s important to remember your phone’s password before activating this feature. Once enabled, if the phone is in an unusual location, certain privacy operations on the iPhone will require Face ID or Touch ID verification.

Moreover, changing the Apple ID password, iPhone password, disabling “Find My,” and turning off Face ID require authentication and can only be done after a one-hour delay.

So, despite some very useful features, there may still be some challenges, necessitating thorough preparation before activation.

Additionally, the iOS 17.3 RC version has added 2024 Unity wallpapers and Apple Watch faces, but these updates are relatively insignificant.

The key issue is that many Apple enthusiasts are hesitant to update immediately. In this scenario, the author has compiled feedback from Apple enthusiasts regarding the updates.

For instance, some enthusiasts have reported that the previous screen flickering bug has been fixed, signal strength has improved, the performance is smoother than in 17.2, and the sound quality has exceeded expectations. They are also quite satisfied with the 5G signal.

Crucially, the performance is smoother, and while the battery life is yet to be determined, the phone doesn’t overheat after updating, indicating that long-term user experience shouldn’t be affected.

Furthermore, some enthusiasts have found that after using the phone for a day, the battery drain is slower than before, which should result in better battery life. Additionally, the external speaker no longer crackles.

Some apps are no longer crashing or freezing, and stability has improved, reducing the likelihood of crashes and errors from previous versions.

Moreover, the issue of abnormal CPU usage at 20% has been resolved, and receiving WeChat messages no longer takes a long time. These are all positive aspects.

Thus, for enthusiasts considering an update, they can now patiently await the official release of iOS 17.3 for an improved experience.

Indeed, the iOS 17.3 RC version update is quite stable. For users planning to upgrade their devices, it’s definitely worth the wait for the official release.

Especially for those who have upgraded to iOS 17, it’s advisable to continue with the upgrades, as it can enhance stability and bring about some fixes.

Besides the iOS 17.3 RC version, the iOS 16.7.5 RC has also been released with internal version 20H307, 43 days after the last update.

As most older versions mainly focus on security patches, this update is no exception and doesn’t bring any new features.

In addition, Apple has also released the iOS 15.8.1 RC update for iPhone users, with internal version 19H380, 183 days after the last release.

The update only mentions: “This update provides important security updates and is recommended for all users to upgrade as soon as possible.”

It seems that older versions are unlikely to receive new features, but updating is essential to ensure basic security.

It’s also evident that the range of iOS system updates is extensive, and even older models can enjoy the experience.

In conclusion, the changes in the iOS system over the past few years have not been significant, but the iOS 17.3 RC version is likely to be one of the more stable versions in recent times.

So, the question is, have you all experienced the update? Feel free to join the discussion.

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