Honor Magic6 Series rivals DSLRs

Mobile Imaging in 2024: Can Smartphones Rival Cameras?

In 2024, the question of whether mobile imaging can compete with traditional cameras has become a hot topic. Recently, the media conducted a blind test comparing six flagship smartphones with two flagship DSLR cameras, and the results were surprising.


In this test, the two flagship DSLR cameras unexpectedly fell behind in direct photography compared to the imaging flagship such as the Honor Magic6 series. Especially in terms of the rate of usable photos and ease of use, the DSLR cameras were far inferior to the smartphones. This has prompted people to reconsider the strength and potential of smartphone imaging technology.

However, many internet users are more concerned about the comparison between smartphone imaging flagships and worry whether the Honor Magic6 series can maintain its leading position when facing competitors from other brands. In response to such doubts, Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, expressed great confidence, replying to a netizen, “Don’t worry, we can handle them all.”


Jiang Hairong stated that the quality of imaging cannot be judged solely based on specifications and theories, and blind tests are the most convincing method. This time, the Honor Magic6 series, equipped with the flagship-level Honor Eagle Eye camera, brings DSLR-level optical effects and shooting capabilities to smartphones, making smartphone imaging comparable to DSLR cameras. He encouraged consumers to experience the leading imaging capabilities of the Honor Magic6 series by visiting stores in person.

It is understood that the Honor Magic6 series is equipped with a customized 50-megapixel ultra-dynamic Eagle Eye main camera H9000 sensor, which is currently the industry’s highest dynamic range sensor. The main camera of the Pro model is even equipped with an F1.4-F2.0 intelligent variable aperture, which can provide dynamic settings based on different shooting environments, resulting in better performance in capturing details in dark areas and in creating bokeh effects. In terms of telephoto lenses, the Honor Magic6 Pro is the first to debut with a 180-megapixel periscope telephoto, which can achieve a 2.5x optical zoom and a maximum 100x zoom, demonstrating top-notch ultra-telephoto imaging capabilities in the industry.

The outstanding performance of the Honor Magic6 series is not only due to its hardware configuration; its software algorithms and optimizations are also critical factors. Through self-developed imaging technology, Honor has achieved synergy between hardware and software, fully leveraging the performance of each module and improving overall imaging quality. In addition, Honor continues to collaborate with top photographers and opinion leaders in the industry to explore the possibilities of smartphone imaging and drive the development of the industry.

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