Vision Pro costs $160 more for myopic users!

Apple’s Vision Pro: New Features and High Demand

On January 19th, Apple officially started presales of its Vision Pro in the United States. According to the latest updates from US customers, the first batch of Vision Pro headsets has already been shipped, and it is expected that these customers will receive their headsets on February 2nd.

As the countdown to the official launch of Apple’s Vision Pro for consumers begins, more details about the product have surfaced. According to M1Astra, nearsighted consumers who wish to purchase the Apple Vision Pro headset will need to additionally purchase Zeiss lenses, priced at $149 for the standard lenses and $99 for reading lenses. It’s important to note that these lenses need to be matched with light shields and light shield pads.

Vision Pro Costs $160 More for Myopic Users

Furthermore, M1Astra revealed that the packaging of the Vision Pro Zeiss lenses contains not only the lens inserts but also usage instructions and a personal code for pairing. These nearsighted lenses, developed through Apple’s collaboration with Zeiss, utilize a magnetic fixing method, allowing for flexible detachment and a comfortable user experience while wearing them.

As for the wearing process, it’s straightforward. Users simply need to place the lens inserts in the correct position on the headset. This prompts the user to scan the pairing code, thus completing the pairing process between the headset and the lenses. Each installation base of the Zeiss lens inserts also bears a unique serial number.

According to information on Apple’s official website, the Vision Pro is priced at $3499 for the 256GB version, $3699 for the 512GB version, and $3899 for the 1TB version.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple sold between 160,000 and 180,000 units of Vision Pro headsets during the first pre-order weekend. Shortly after the pre-order process opened, these headsets were sold out, and the delivery times for all models were delayed by five to seven weeks. This unprecedented demand and the exorbitant price of the product are truly remarkable. It is a testament to Apple’s enormous appeal – a brand that continues to captivate the industry. In the world of technology, there is no company quite like Apple.

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