Vivo S18: Style, Camera, Stellar Gaming

Introducing vivoS18: A Stellar Gaming Experience with Top-Notch Features

The vivoS18 is equipped with the Snapdragon 7Gen3 processor, with a performance score exceeding 1 million. It comes pre-installed with the brand new OriginOS4 system, featuring innovative technologies such as Unfair Scheduler 2.0 and memory fusion. Whether it’s smooth animation transitions or seamlessly running multiple apps concurrently, the vivoS18 delivers high efficiency. Moreover, it performs exceptionally well when running high-performance games.


In terms of heat dissipation, the vivoS18 is equipped with a flagship-level cooling system utilizing graphite heat dissipation materials. With a heat dissipation area of 7000mm² and a total machine heat dissipation area of up to 50000mm², this cooling design effectively ensures the stability and comfort of the vivoS18 during long periods of high-load operation, providing users with a lasting and pleasant user experience.

The latest memory expansion technology used in the vivoS18 allows for an additional 16GB of memory to be expanded on top of the original capacity. For the top-end model with 16GB of built-in memory, this enables a total of 32GB of memory. Additionally, the top-end model also offers 512GB of storage. With storage compression technology, when the phone’s storage capacity is full, the space occupied by applications can be compressed, freeing up to 50GB. These new technologies significantly enhance the overall smartphone experience.


When playing the game “King of Glory” at ultra-high frame rates and high-definition quality for 30 minutes, the average frame rate reaches as high as 117 frames per second. Similarly, while playing “Genshin Impact,” the average frame rate remains stable at 57.8 frames per second during 30 minutes of exploration, ensuring smooth gameplay and visual effects, delivering an immersive gaming experience for users.


In addition to gaming performance, the vivoS18 introduces the all-new Al Bluexin large model, supporting users in tasks such as searching for files, composing poetry, browsing creative content, summarizing content, answering difficult questions, and organizing material structures, providing users with a more intelligent assistant service. This transforms the smartphone into not just a communication tool, but also a versatile intelligent companion.

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