iPhone Update in March: Heads-Up!

iPhone Update in March: Heads Up


On January 26th, Apple issued a warning that iPhone users may encounter a series of issues following the update in March this year. According to Apple, this is related to the reliance of EU member states on the functionality of the App Store.

Specifically, Apple explained that the “Screen Time” feature primarily depends on calling the App Store’s API to track user screen time. However, with the opening of third-party app stores, apps downloaded and installed through non-App Store means or via side-loading may not function accurately.

Additionally, Apple also cautioned that the “Family Sharing” feature may not work as intended. With the opening of third-party app stores for European users, an adult within the family (the Family Organizer) may not be able to pay for purchases made by other family members.

Apple stated that following the opening of third-party app stores in the European market, these issues may impact user experience and could lead to unresolved matters such as refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and cancellations. Furthermore, Apple warned of potential risks such as privacy breaches, abuse, fraud, and manipulation.

In summary, Apple’s latest warning encompasses a range of issues related to third-party app stores. These issues could potentially affect the functionality and experience of iPhone users, posing various risks. Therefore, users are advised to carefully consider and take appropriate preventive measures before updating their software.

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