Lu Weibing Approves! Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera Confirmed

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: Upgrades in Camera and Chipset

On January 29th, it was reported by the reputable tech news site that Lu Weibing, the CEO of Xiaomi Group, has switched to using the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and the new product is expected to debut by the end of February.

According to the tech blogger at Digital Chat Station, the main camera of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will feature a 50-megapixel Sony LYT900 sensor, supporting a ten-level physical variable aperture with infinite adjustment (f/1.63-f/4.0). It boasts a complete 1-inch sensor, making it currently the most powerful 1-inch image sensor from Sony.

Notably, the secondary camera of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has also been upgraded to a new 50-megapixel sensor, with a pixel size of 0.7 micrometers.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera

As it is widely known, the previous generation Xiaomi 13 Ultra was equipped with three IMX858 sensors. The reason for using three IMX858 sensors was to ensure the consistency of the entire camera system, ensuring that all secondary cameras have the same imaging capabilities and are closely aligned with the main camera.

Therefore, it is expected that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will also adopt the same product strategy as the 13 Ultra, with three 50-megapixel secondary cameras to maintain imaging consistency within the camera system.

Furthermore, the blogger at Digital Chat Station revealed that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be equipped with a new chip, likely an image processing chip, which is expected to enhance the imaging capabilities of the device.

Lu Weibing has hinted that the imaging system of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be exceptionally powerful.

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