Lu Weibing Teases Stellar Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera Performance

Recently, attentive netizens have noticed that Lu Weibing has already switched to the new Xiaomi phone, which is most likely the Xiaomi 14 Ultra set to be released this spring. According to Lu Weibing’s previous hints, the imaging capabilities of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be exceptionally powerful. Based on current leaks, the main camera of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will feature Sony’s latest LYT-900 sensor, with a 1-inch large sensor, promising superior light sensitivity and more natural bokeh effects.

Lu Weibing Teases Stellar Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera Performance

Furthermore, the LYT-900 supports DCG (Dual Conversion Gain). The high conversion gain mode of DCG can output low-noise images, while the low conversion gain mode can produce regular everyday images. Through synthesis, it can then generate an HDR image that balances low noise and high dynamic range. In addition, in “pixel binning” mode, the sensor can automatically perform on-chip HDR synthesis—applying high and low conversion gains to two sets of pixels prepared for binning, achieving the effect in a single exposure. It’s worth noting that the LYT-900’s fabrication process has been upgraded from 40nm to 22nm, providing even better energy efficiency.

The screen of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will also undergo significant changes, adopting a design similar to the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s fully equal-depth curved screen. Although it looks very much like a flat screen, the edges have been subtly curved, offering a gentle curved screen feel and reducing the likelihood of accidental touches.

Lu Weibing Teases Stellar Xiaomi 14 Ultra Camera Performance

In other aspects, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, with a maximum of 16GB of RAM, a 5180mAh battery, and support for two-way satellite communication, making it a significantly upgraded device compared to its predecessor.

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