Tom Cat: Coming to Apple Vision Pro via Apple Arcade

Tom Cat: Company Products May Land on Apple Vision Pro via Apple Arcade Platform

Recently, Apple Vision Pro, which has been highly anticipated by global tech users and the industry, has started presales in the United States. A-listed companies related to the Apple Vision Pro headset have also drawn attention from investors and the market.

On February 1st, Tom Cat (300459.SZ) announced on its interactive platform that products like “My Talking Tom Friends+” and “My Talking Angela 2+” have landed on Apple’s game subscription service platform, Apple Arcade. These products will also be accessible through the Apple Arcade platform on the new smart terminal product, Vision Pro. The company has also been in discussions with Apple to release a new exclusive game product for the Apple Arcade gaming platform, and plans to continue developing products for the Apple Arcade platform.

Tom Cat

The official Apple website mentions in the Vision Pro product introduction that on the Vision OS operating system, games on the Apple Arcade platform will utilize the user’s surroundings to provide a brand new gaming experience. Users can find over 100 of their favorite iPad games and connect a Bluetooth game controller for operation.

It is reported that Tom Cat has maintained a long-term stable partnership with channels such as Apple and Google. The company’s Tom Cat IP application was one of the earliest mobile apps to be launched on the Apple iOS App Store, and has consistently received recognition from Apple and editorial recommendations within the App Store application market.

In addition to the Apple Arcade gaming platform, the company’s Tom Cat Family IP game products have also expanded to various smart terminal application scenarios such as Huawei Smart Screen, Huawei In-vehicle Smart Terminal, RokidAR Glasses, and Google In-vehicle Systems.

On the Huawei Smart Screen, users can experience new games without wearing any devices in front of the Huawei big screen by performing actions like jumping, squatting, and moving left and right. In the automotive system field, various games from the Tom Cat Family IP have landed on terminals like AITO Wenjie M5, AITO Wenjie M7, Extreme Fox Alpha S (HI), BAIC Magicube, Changan Alsvin 11 (HI), and Geely Geometry. In May 2023, as one of the first games to enter the Google In-vehicle system, the company’s product collaborated with Google to enhance the smart travel experience.

Tom Cat stated that in the future, with the continuous breakthroughs and development of intelligent terminals such as VR and MR, the company will also closely follow market demands, cover more experience scenarios, and continuously enhance users’ cross-terminal intelligent interactive experiences.

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