HMD to Launch Its Brand Phones, Nokia Turns Historic

On February 1st, Purple Gold Finance reported that HMD’s CEO, Jean Francois Baril, announced the launch of their own brand of HMD phones, named “HMD Global”, which is expected to be officially released at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February. At the same time, the Nokia brand of smartphones will be abandoned by HMD.

It is reported that HMD will officially release its first HMD phone at the Mobile World Congress in February, while the Nokia brand of smartphones will be abandoned by HMD. Currently, the Nokia mobile social platform account has been deactivated, and a new account has been named “HMD Global”, while the Weibo platform has not been renamed yet.

HMD Global was established in Finland in 2016, with early members mainly composed of the original Nokia mobile business team and some former Microsoft mobile business veterans, aiming to revive the era of Nokia’s dominance in feature phones.

Nokia, founded in 1865, once rivaled Motorola at its peak. Nokia was once a dominant force in the mobile phone market, with a market value close to $250 billion in 2000, second only to McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Today, Nokia may come to a complete end, becoming history.

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