Galaxy S24: Next-Gen AI Tech

Samsung Launches the Galaxy S24 Series in China with Next-Gen AI Technology

Galaxy S24

On January 25th, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S24 series smartphones in the Chinese market, including the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. The flagship smartphones of the Galaxy S24 series have garnered attention for their powerful Galaxy AI, which brings consumers a more effortless communication, higher productivity, and a more refined and succinct editing experience. This has sparked a new wave of AI smartphone experiences, empowering every user to better connect with the world.

AI “Simultaneous Translation”

One of the most impressive Galaxy AI features in the newly launched Galaxy S24 series is the real-time translation function during calls. This feature utilizes AI to provide real-time translation of phone conversations, offering both voice and text translation in up to 13 languages. Users can quickly activate this feature during a call by simply clicking on “Call Assist,” experiencing a translation experience comparable to simultaneous interpretation. Addressing privacy concerns, this feature is based on edge AI, eliminating worries about privacy breaches due to AI translation.

Galaxy S24 - AI Translation

The application of real-time translation on the phone side has successfully broken communication barriers for users speaking different languages, making communication simpler and more efficient. For business professionals, the challenge of language barriers affecting the efficiency of negotiations with foreign clients in daily work can now be overcome with the help of Galaxy AI’s real-time translation during calls, enabling instant contact and discussion of business matters over the phone without the need for repetitive email translations. For travelers, tasks such as booking local hotels and restaurants or seeking information about tourist attractions will become effortless, eliminating the difficulties and obstacles usually associated with language during international travel.

AI Note Assistant

To further enhance users’ experience in various scenarios such as work and study, Galaxy AI has been integrated into Samsung Notes, introducing a note assistant that will significantly improve user satisfaction. For instance, when users need to jot down key points of knowledge in a classroom or record important content during a meeting, the note assistant can intelligently generate the desired note templates. After users have compiled the content, the note assistant will also generate titles, tags, or a summary cover.

Galaxy S24 - AI Note Assistant

Combined with the newly introduced transcription assistant feature, it can transcribe recordings into text (including distinguishing speakers), translate them into other languages, or summarize the recordings. The combination of these functions can more effectively help users record voice content in the workplace or classroom, quickly converting it into key notes, making it more convenient for users to share and edit the content later.

AI Select and Search

Galaxy S24 - AI Select and Search

Previously, users relied solely on traditional search engines for searches, which often involved multiple steps and had limitations in search capabilities. Now, Galaxy AI’s introduction of the select and search function brings about a new revolution. With this feature, users no longer need to take screenshots and then search using a search engine. Instead, by simply selecting, highlighting, doodling, or clicking, users can quickly search for any image, video, or text on the screen to obtain the desired information. For example, when you come across a desirable product on social media or encounter content that you can’t comprehend due to a knowledge gap, you can simply select the content and perform a search, instantly accessing information about the product or the key points of the content. This eliminates the need to repeatedly switch between different apps, enabling a seamless and convenient search experience.

Galaxy S24 - AI Select and Search

As a leader in the global smartphone industry, Samsung has brought innovation and breakthroughs to the industry with the Galaxy S24 series, incorporating AI to completely break communication barriers, enhance productivity, and unleash creativity at any time. Meanwhile, Samsung continues to collaborate with the top forces in the Chinese AI field, advancing the localization of smartphone AI applications to meet the needs of local users. With the arrival of the new generation Samsung Galaxy S24 series in China, its appearance is believed to usher in a new wave of AI smartphone trends in the industry.

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