OPPO Find X7, Top Performer with Dimensity 9300

OPPO Find X7 Tops the January Android Flagship Phone Performance Rankings

In the latest January Android flagship phone performance rankings released by AnTuTu, the OPPO Find X7 has clinched the top spot with its outstanding performance, showcasing its top-notch flagship capabilities. The title of “Flagship Chip King” carried by the MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip it houses is indeed well-deserved.

OPPO Find X7

As the biggest winner in this month’s flagship performance rankings, the Dimensity 9300 excels in all aspects, surpassing rival flagships effortlessly in CPU, GPU, and APU performance. For everyday use, gaming, and AI experiences, this full-core flagship chip sets the benchmark in the market today. For high-end smartphone consumers, models equipped with the Dimensity 9300 are definitely the top choice!

As a newcomer that has immediately claimed the top spot in the performance rankings, the OPPO Find X7 truly embodies the essence of a flagship device, not only excelling in performance but also leading the industry in user experience and market performance.

OPPO Find X7

At a recent OPPO launch event, the OPPO Find X7, a product of the fruitful collaboration between OPPO and MediaTek, gained instant fame. The Dimensity 9300, combined with OPPO’s new generation fusion acceleration technology Tide Architecture, delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency, while impressing users with stunning AI and imaging experiences.

OPPO Find X7

Furthermore, leveraging the powerful computing capabilities of the Dimensity 9300’s 7th generation AI processor APU 790, the OPPO Find X7 secured the top spot in mobile AI performance in the Zurich ETHZ AI Benchmark with a score of 3423.

OPPO Find X7

As a flagship smartphone with a massive model of 7 billion parameters for edge applications, the OPPO Find X7 brings the strongest AI capabilities of its class and leads the industry in AI experiences.

It’s worth mentioning that OPPO and MediaTek have jointly established a collaborative research laboratory, heralding a new era of technological cooperation. Clearly, the OPPO Find X7, a product that embodies the deep collaboration and advanced technologies of both parties, is undoubtedly one of the top flagship devices currently available on the market!

OPPO Find X7

MediaTek has firmly established its leading position in the industry, with the flagship Dimensity 9300 product winning widespread acclaim from the market and users due to its full-core architecture and powerful generative AI engine. The remarkable performance of the OPPO Find X7 once again proves this point. The long-term and in-depth collaboration between MediaTek and OPPO further unleashes the potential of the Dimensity chip, injecting new innovative forces and driving forces into the entire industry.

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