New Android Champ, Dimensity 9300 Leads

Mobile Performance Ranking: An Overview of Top Android Phones

While benchmark scores may not encompass all aspects of a phone, they serve as a valuable reference for purchasing decisions. As long as the processor is robust enough, the performance of Android phones nowadays is undeniably impressive. Among the current Android flagship lineup, the top performers are undoubtedly the Snapdragon 8Gen3 and Dimensity 9300, setting the benchmark high for Android devices. So, how do phones equipped with these chips perform in benchmark tests?

Given that Snapdragon 8Gen3 and Dimensity 9300 phones have been on the market for a while now, with various models available, differences in optimization by manufacturers are expected. Recently, AnTuTu released the performance rankings of January’s Android flagships, offering insights into this matter.

According to the rankings, OPPO Find X7 leads the pack with a score of 2.2098 million, followed by iQOO12 Pro and RPG 8 Pro. Among the top 10 phones listed, Snapdragon 8Gen3 phones dominate, but Dimensity 9300 phones hold a strong presence as well, indicating MediaTek’s position in the high-end segment.

OPPO Find X7

Taking a closer look at the OPPO Find X7, the performance of the Dimensity 9300 chip speaks volumes. It boasts an impressive 16+1TB RAM configuration, ensuring smooth operation in various scenarios without any hiccups.

In terms of other specifications, it excels with a 6.78-inch curved OLED display, exceptional eye protection features, a high refresh rate of 2160Hz, and a peak brightness of 4500nit in certain areas. Its camera setup includes a Sony LYD808 main sensor, OV64B periscope telephoto lens, and ultra-wide-angle lens. With a 5000mAh battery and support for 100W fast charging, the Find X7 starts at a price of 3999 yuan for the 12+256GB variant, offering great value for money.

iQOO12 Pro

Ranked second, the iQOO12 Pro surpasses even dedicated gaming phones in benchmark scores! This phone is truly a powerhouse, featuring up to 16+1TB RAM configuration coupled with Snapdragon 8Gen3, ensuring top-notch performance. Furthermore, it comes equipped with the in-house gaming chip Q1, enhancing the gaming experience even further.

Beyond gaming prowess, its camera capabilities shine with an OV50H main sensor and OV64B periscope telephoto lens, compensating for iQOO’s previous camera shortcomings. A 6.78-inch Samsung E7 material screen with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, along with 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, add to its appeal. Detailed features like ultrasonic screen fingerprint sensor and IP68 dust and water resistance further enhance its appeal.

Surprisingly, the highly anticipated Xiaomi 14 series did not make it to the list this time. Despite its strong specifications and flawless craftsmanship, its absence suggests a correlation between benchmark scores and manufacturers’ optimizations. Of course, benchmarks are not the sole measure of performance; a holistic assessment is essential.

With that said, does your phone appear on this ranking list?

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