OnePlus OS Update: Black Screen Unlock, AIGC Removal. Know these?

In recent years, “internal competition” has gradually become the theme of the mobile phone market. Besides competing in terms of performance, camera quality, battery life, and screen technology, mobile phone manufacturers have also focused on improving their operating systems to stay ahead in this trend. Companies are constantly innovating in terms of system experience and features. For example, iOS and HarmonyOS have recently made significant advancements – the former introduced “device theft protection,” while the latter made further developments on the pure version of HarmonyOS.

Of course, the competition surrounding system features is not limited to big players like Apple and Huawei; many other top brands have also joined this battle. For instance, OnePlus recently rolled out a new software update for popular models like OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace3. This update includes features such as black screen fingerprint unlock, Chinese New Year watermarks, and AIGC removal. So, after the system upgrade, what improvements and surprises can users expect from OnePlus phones in terms of interaction experience? Let’s find out through a practical evaluation.

Firstly, the black screen fingerprint unlock feature stands out. Prior to the update, unlocking a OnePlus phone via fingerprint required waking up and lighting the screen first, which added an extra step and was somewhat inconvenient. With the system upgrade, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace3 now allow users to unlock the phone quickly by directly pressing the fingerprint area on the screen, even when the screen is off. As seen in the comparison below, OnePlus phones now offer faster fingerprint recognition for black screen unlock with higher accuracy, making the unlocking process more convenient than before.

(Left: Supports black screen fingerprint unlock after the update; Right: Without the black screen fingerprint unlock update)

It’s worth mentioning that both OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace3 models come with ultra-thin optical under-display fingerprint sensors. The advantage of these sensors is their slim profile, which doesn’t compromise the battery space, allowing these models to incorporate high-capacity batteries. Furthermore, the positioning of the ultra-thin optical under-display fingerprint sensor is closer to the top, eliminating the need to adjust finger placement during unlocking, resulting in a smoother and more natural unlocking experience.

With the arrival of the Lunar New Year, many people are eager to take photos with their smartphones. To cater to this trend, OnePlus has introduced two major features in its new system update: Lunar New Year watermarks and AIGC removal. Starting with the Lunar New Year watermark, it allows users to add custom Spring Festival-themed watermarks to their photos. As seen in the samples, the watermarks feature festive red and gold colors with elements of the dragon theme, giving photos a more festive look. Additionally, users can add New Year greetings in the lower right corner, making it ideal for sharing these works with family and friends.

For photography enthusiasts who often capture unintended subjects in their photos, OnePlus has introduced another significant feature – AIGC removal. This feature allows users to intelligently identify and remove unwanted objects, whether they are pedestrians or items, with high accuracy. After removal, the AI seamlessly fills the image, leaving no traces of editing. With this feature, users can take photos more effortlessly without worrying about unwanted elements, resulting in cleaner and more appealing shots.

Overall, this system update has significantly enhanced the interactive experience of OnePlus phones, offering better services in specific scenarios. For instance, with features like Lunar New Year watermarks and AIGC removal, users can easily capture festive photos during the Spring Festival. Hence, if you are considering a smartphone upgrade, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace3 are recommended choices that can effortlessly capture the “festive spirit” with their impressive user experience and budget-friendly prices.

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