Mi 14 Pro with Satellite, Best Value!

Last night’s Xiaomi 14 Ultra launch event can be said to have attracted attention from across the internet. Some say this is a dream model, with top-notch features that couldn’t be stronger. However, the price is indeed high, starting at 6499 yuan, just as I had speculated before. The 16+1TB version is priced as high as 8799 yuan. But there are also aspects that don’t align with earlier leaks.

For example, previous information suggested that all versions of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra would support satellite communication. But in reality, only the special edition of Titanium Metal with 16GB+1TB priced at 8799 yuan supports satellite communication. This has left many feeling a bit disappointed. Actually, you don’t need to spend nearly 9000 yuan to buy a Xiaomi phone with satellite communication. You can get it for 6999 yuan, as the Xiaomi 14 Pro also has a satellite communication version.

Some may wonder, why introduce a satellite communication version for the 14 Pro if there is one for the Ultra? My personal guess is that the satellite communication version of the Xiaomi 14 Pro may have been part of the plan all along, and its release now might just be following the planned schedule.

If this is the case, we can only say that Xiaomi has done an excellent job at keeping it secret. Not only were there no leaks before the launch, but they also released a lot of “smokescreens”, all to surprise everyone after the launch. And it seems like they have achieved this goal.

Why is it said that the Xiaomi 14 Pro satellite communication version is more worth buying?

The reason is simple. Although satellite communication does have significant practical significance in specific fields and situations, it is not a must-have for most people. It is just an additional feature. Since there are lower-priced models that offer the same feature, it is naturally more worthwhile for users to choose them.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is undeniably powerful, but for ordinary users, it may seem a bit overpowered. On the other hand, the Pro version’s features are completely adequate. Xiaomi officials had previously claimed that the standard version could already match up to the Pro version of a competitor. And it seems like the in-house Pro version is aiming to compete with the Max version, with the mentioned competitor clearly being Apple.

For users who are good at nitpicking, they might notice that the Xiaomi 14 Pro satellite communication version starts at a price 500 yuan higher than the Huawei Mate 60 Pro. They may think Xiaomi is getting a bit ahead of themselves. However, those who compare carefully would see that Xiaomi offers 16GB+1TB at 6999 yuan whereas Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro might not offer such a storage combination. This puts the Xiaomi 14 Pro Titanium Metal satellite communication version in a more reasonable light.

While the performance of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra may be too extreme for some users, even ahead of its time, overall, the Xiaomi 14 Pro can satisfy high-performance needs at a more affordable price.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the Ultra version is not worth buying. It’s just a reminder to choose according to your actual needs. If you have the budget and demand extremely high performance from a phone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra would be a good choice. But if you simply want a high-end flagship and wish to experience satellite communication as well, then the Xiaomi 14 Pro might be more suitable, especially considering the price difference of 1700 yuan.

I wonder, which one would you choose among these options?




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