OPPO Unveils AI Strategy: AI for All

OPPO Unveils AI Strategy Conference on February 20 to Kick Off the Era of AI Smartphones

On February 19, according to the latest news from 快科技 (KuaikJi Keji), OPPO officially announced that the OPPO AI Strategy Conference will be held on February 20, marking the beginning of a new era for AI smartphones among the public.

Just the day before, OPPO’s founder and CEO, Chen Mingyong, sent an internal memo declaring that “the era of AI smartphones is approaching, leading the mobile industry into its third phase.”

OPPO AI Strategy Announcement

Chen Mingyong emphasized that 2024 is the year of AI smartphones, and in the next five years, the impact of AI on the mobile industry has the potential to rival the shift from feature phones to smartphones.

Every individual’s work, study, and life will be deeply influenced by AI, and OPPO’s strategic direction in the era of AI smartphones is to be both a leader and a promoter of AI smartphones.

Chen Mingyong revealed that OPPO has made adequate preparations for this and has established a dedicated AI center, focusing its resources on AI.

Currently, AI has been implemented in the OPPO Find X7 series, such as the AIGC elimination feature, benefiting from the large-scale AndesGPT model with 7 billion parameters. The OPPO Find X7 series has made image elimination features more valuable for users.

Building upon this, it can also achieve recognition and segmentation support for over 120 types of subjects. Apart from eliminating pedestrians, users can also experiment with the elimination effects of other subject elements.

OPPO AI Strategy Features

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