MWC 2024 Coming Soon: Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus & Samsung Attend

Exciting Updates about Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona

On February 22nd, it was announced that the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) will officially kick off on February 26th in Barcelona, Spain. As one of the largest tech expos in the mobile industry worldwide, major manufacturers are set to showcase their latest innovations at MWC 2024, including smartphones, wearables, and 5G communication solutions.

This edition of MWC is expected to be one of the largest offline tech events in recent years. The editorial team of PConline will be on-site in Barcelona to provide firsthand coverage and deliver fresh news updates. As of the 22nd, many companies have already announced their participation in MWC 2024. According to available information, brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, and Sony have confirmed their presence at the event. Prior to the official opening, PConline is offering a sneak peek into MWC 2024.

Huawei: Focusing on 5G-A Communication Technology, Possibly Unveiling P70 Series

Previously reported by PConline, Huawei’s official Weibo account has officially announced its participation in MWC 2024, unveiling the schedule and booth details for the event. Unlike previous years, Huawei’s focus this time is on advancing 5G-A (5G-Advanced/5.5G) technology to accelerate the commercialization of 5G.

▲ Image Source: Huawei Official Weibo

As an extension of 5G capabilities, 5G-A offers significant advantages over 5G in terms of speed, latency, and connection capacity, providing a 10x increase in network capabilities in areas like bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, massive connectivity, and positioning services.

Currently, Huawei has collaborated with domestic operators to implement 5G-A pilot deployments in cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Wuhan, providing ultimate network experiences for individuals, households, and industries. Moreover, Huawei has worked with over 30 global operators to validate 5G-A innovative technologies, including ultra-wideband spectrum, flexible spectrum, and passive IoT.

▲ Image Source: Huawei Official Weibo

However, there is no concrete information yet on whether Huawei’s P70 series will be unveiled at MWC 2024. Speculations suggest that there might not be a new product announcement. Nevertheless, Huawei’s strategic focus on 5G-A communication technology at this MWC event holds significant importance in leading the global communication industry forward and promoting the first year of commercial 5G-A deployment, showcasing both muscle and developmental strategies.

Xiaomi: Beyond Cars and Smartphones, Unveiling “People-Car-Home” Ecosystem

In stark contrast to Huawei’s subtle yet impactful announcement, Xiaomi’s participation in MWC 2024 was revealed with grandeur. The official announcement poster showcases products like Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Xiaomi SU7, along with new tablets, smartwatches, and robot vacuums possibly making appearances on the same platform. Moreover, Xiaomi emphasized the concept of the “People-Car-Home” ecosystem in their teaser posters, hinting at the introduction of more Mi smart home products.

▲ Image Source: Xiaomi Official Weibo

Xiaomi’s participation in MWC promises several highlights. On the morning of the 18th, Xiaomi officially announced the launch date of Xiaomi 14 Ultra on February 22nd, expected to continue Xiaomi’s tradition of excellence in the imaging field as their flagship for the year. It’s worth noting that this will be Xiaomi’s first global debut of a “super flagship” product at MWC.

▲ Image Source: Xiaomi Official Weibo

Moreover, the Xiaomi SU7, not yet officially released in China, will be presented at MWC for global media and user evaluations. Further information on Xiaomi’s first electric car may be officially revealed, including the long-awaited pricing details.

Honor: Expanding in the European Market, Possibly Introducing New Models in the Magic6 Series

At MWC 2023, Honor not only globally launched the Magic5 series but also became a representative of Chinese tech brands at the event. Following the release of the Honor Magic5 series, the overwhelming presence of media, bloggers, and visitors at their booth during MWC hinted at Honor’s growing influence in the European market. # MWC 2024: Exciting Tech Updates from Leading Brands

MWC 2023 Honor Booth

In the past year, Honor has achieved remarkable success in the European market. Despite the overall decline in global smartphone shipments, Honor experienced a growth of over 130% in the first half of 2023 in Europe. In the third quarter, it became the only brand in the top 5 in Europe to achieve a “counter-trend growth” in shipments. Zhao Ming from Honor even defined 2023 as the year when Honor began its journey in the European market.

Honor Official Website

According to previous reports from PConline, Honor plans to present the global version of the Magic6 series and the highly anticipated Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design foldable screen phone at the upcoming MWC 2024 in an online format. Additionally, rumors suggest that Honor might unveil the Magic6 Porsche Design edition at MWC 2024, a development that PConline will closely monitor and report on promptly.

Samsung: Unveiling Various High-Tech Innovations, Potentially Introducing Galaxy Ring

During the Samsung Galaxy S24 series launch event in January, Samsung teased the upcoming Galaxy Ring. Resembling a ring, the Galaxy Ring is equipped with advanced sensor technology for health tracking and is designed for all-day wear. Reports from Korean media indicate that Samsung is considering seeking medical approval for this device, although its release date is yet to be confirmed.

Samsung Event

Recent sources have hinted that the Galaxy Ring may be unveiled at the Samsung autumn event alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6 series. However, there’s a possibility that this wearable device could make an early appearance at MWC 2024. Moreover, there are rumors that Samsung is collaborating with Google and Qualcomm to launch mixed reality headphones, expected to be released later in 2024. With the success of Apple Vision Pro, a premature release of this product is not out of the question.

OPPO and vivo: Maintaining Intrigue – Could They Surprise Us?

While Huawei, Honor, and Xiaomi are actively participating, OPPO and vivo, two major Chinese manufacturers, have remained mysterious and have not disclosed any information. At MWC 2023, OPPO showcased several products, including the foldable flagship OPPO Find N2, a new WiFi 6 router, and the Air Glass 2 smart glasses. Vivo, on the other hand, displayed a prototype supporting satellite communication in the Shanghai booth.

MWC 2023 OPPO Booth

Around the New Year of 2024, both OPPO and vivo launched flagship products domestically, making significant breakthroughs in imaging and AI applications. With 2024 being a year of explosive AI applications, it is speculated that besides products, AIGC technology applications might be crucial for both companies at MWC 2024.

Moreover, OnePlus, a prominent member of the OV series with a strong international presence, has been a regular at MWC. Last year at MWC 2023, OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus Pad and the OnePlus 11 liquid-cooled concept phone, attracting considerable attention. Riding the wave of their recent global releases of OnePlus 12 and 12R smartphones, OnePlus might participate in MWC 2024.

External Sources

According to speculations from external sources, OnePlus is rumored to announce the iterative OnePlus Watch 2 at MWC 2024. Featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 5 Gen 1 processor, OnePlus aims to revive its position in the wearable device market with this product.

Mobiles, PCs, and More: Highlighting Exciting Innovations at MWC 2024

Apart from the well-known brands mentioned above, numerous manufacturers of mobiles, PCs, chips, and other products will also participate in MWC 2024, presenting cutting-edge products and technologies. Transsion’s flagship brand TECNO has confirmed its presence, collaborating with Dolby Laboratories to introduce the new POVA 6 series models.
Image Source: TECNO Official Website

TECNO will also showcase a four-legged bionic robot, the industry’s first AR handheld gaming console, innovative imaging technology, innovative screen technology, a series of concept new materials highlighting cutting-edge design concepts, TECNO’s full range of smartphones and AIoT product series.

Motorola will present the Razr+ (2024) foldable screen phone at MWC 2024. Additionally, the bendable concept phone showcased at last year’s Lenovo Tech World may also be exhibited at this year’s event.

Image Source: Motorola Official Website

Nothing Phone may debut the Nothing Phone 2a at MWC 2024, which has been officially announced to be launched on March 5th, Beijing time.

Image Source: Foreign Media

There are reports indicating that Sony will unveil the yet-to-be-released Sony Xperia 1 VI at MWC 2024. Judging from past release schedules, this phone might launch officially in May this year.

PC manufacturer Lenovo will introduce its latest artificial intelligence devices and infrastructure solutions. It will showcase two new conceptual products at the MWC, different from traditional computers and smartphones in appearance. According to renderings leaked by foreign media, Lenovo might unveil its first PC product with a transparent display screen.

Image Source: @evleaks

Moreover, various brand manufacturers including Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Google, Meta, ZTE, Red Magic, and UNISOC have officially announced their participation in MWC 2024.

Image Source: Image Source: @evleaks

Compared to previous years, a major trend at MWC 2024 lies in the reduced presence of traditional mobile phone manufacturers. Even the expected exhibitors from the mobile phone sector are focusing more on core technologies beyond products, such as industry hotspots like 5G-A, WIFI 7, AI applications, and communication technologies. MWC is returning to its core agenda of “World Mobile Communications,” undoubtedly playing a positive role in driving innovation and development in mobile communication technology.

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