iQOO Z9 to Feature 1.5K OLED Display!

Transition to High-Quality OLED Screens in Smartphones

On February 13, the latest news from Express Technology reveals that nowadays, most smartphones have fully shifted to OLED screens. This transition is mainly due to the outstanding display quality of OLED and the significantly reduced costs.

However, despite this shift, some users with sensitive eyes may still experience discomfort due to the high-frequency PWM dimming not being widely adopted yet, hence the continued demand for LCD screens.

iQOO Z9 to feature 1.5K OLED display

Last year, the mainstream LCD smartphones were essentially limited to iQOO Z8 and Redmi Note 12T Pro. However, according to the latest leaks, this year iQOO will bid farewell to LCD screens entirely.

It is reported that the iQOO Z9 will adopt a 1.5K resolution OLED screen. Moreover, it is likely to incorporate high-frequency PWM dimming to alleviate eye strain for sensitive users.

iQOO Z9 to feature 1.5K OLED display

In terms of core specifications, the iQOO Z9 will be powered by the Snapdragon 7 Gen3 chipset, fabricated using TSMC’s 4nm process. The CPU follows a 1+3+4 architecture, with the Snapdragon 7 Gen3 CPU featuring 12.63GHz+32.4GHz+41.8GHz, and an Adreno 720 GPU.*

This chip brings an overall 90% improvement in AI performance and a 60% increase in efficiency, promising a more powerful AI user experience.

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